Shimla Traffic Police won’t wake up, not unless someone dies a horrible death

Clicked this picture today near old ISBT, Shimla, and recalled Supreme Court’s order to ban carrying protruding loads in vehicles like iron rods, pipers, beams etc.

Shimla traffic police and Govt. is ignoring these killing cargo running on busy roads of Shimla. Even on the busy roads of Shimla city, traffic police never mind them. We guess, some people should die first to shake these plastic dummies, doing formality, not duty.

In 2012, at least 9,100 people died in 28,217 road accidents caused due to load protrusions. Besides, at least 29,500 people were injured.

In 2014, the road transport ministry had deleted the provision (Section 93 of CMVR 1989) in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) that allowed protrusions of loads upto one meter beyond the rear most point of a vehicle. So, now not even an inch of protrusions of load like iron and steel rods/pipe.

Isn’t it a contempt of court that Shimla traffic police is not complying with the orders?

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