Speeding car crashes into HRTC bus near Hassan Valley in Shimla

SHIMLA- On my way to Chharabra Helipad on Sunday at around 4:30 PM, as I was nearing Hasan Valley point, the traffic suddenly came to an abrupt stop. The reason, a dangerous accident just took place between a HRTC bus and a Maruti 800. As you can see from the pictures, the bus was going towards Kufri and the Maruti 800 was heading towards Dhalli. The car driver was at mistake for this accident as he was driving very fast and also not concentrating on the bus coming from the other direction. Both the vehicles collided and it send the car spinning in the direction of the guard rail which shielded it from going downhill.

The consequences of this accident could have been worse if there had not been a guard rail, as the car would have gone tumbling down into the dense forest. Thankfully all people were safe inside the bus but the car driver sustained injuries in the head and arm. Impact was so intense that it pushed the bus onto the pavement towards the hilly side and as for the car, it was totally damaged from the left side. I was just wondering what would have happened if the car would have collided with another hatchback instead of the bus which has a hard metal body.

Chharabra Helipad

Chharabra Helipad

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