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why everyday local newspapers publish pics of girls?



whether it’s rain, snows or it’s summer day in shimla-local newspapers publish pics of girls on The Ridge.Isn’t this infringement of girls privacy? Ghumti hui yuvtiya is generally the caption of the’s silly!



The Story of Tanuj Kalia, CEO Lawctopus – From Growing up in a Small Town of Himachal Pradesh to Running a Successful Start-Up



Tanuj Kailia Lawctopus

Tanuj Kalia, now 31 was born and brought up in Sundernagar a small town of Himachal Pradesh. During his early 20s, he started Lawctopus, the first-of-its-kind website that caters to law students across the country. A sum of Rs 30,000 was pooled by him in 2010 to start the website and come 2021 the same website’s yearly revenue is close to Rs 3 Crores. After having an exclusive conversation with him the Himachal Watcher Team shares the journey of this young changemaker.

 Tanuj Kalia is a well-known name in the Legal Education industry of India, his website is in fact the go to destination of every law student in the country whenever they want to look out for legal workshops, conferences, moot courts etc. But the journey of this young entrepreneur started from a small town named Sundernagar in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh where he was born on 12th April 1990. He completed his entire primary and secondary education from St Mary’s High School, Sundernagar, and holds both the school and its teachers in great esteem, saying that they were a huge influence in his own journey with culminated with the starting of Lawctopus. Then after completing his 10th he moved to Chandigarh for his senior secondary studies and then to the prestigious West Bengal National Law University (WBNLU) to complete his Law.

During his time in WBNLU he did freelancing at Legally India and Bar & Bench. In his initial years at college, he had been an active member of a community on Orkut called ‘Legal Internships in India’ and all the experiences formed the background of him starting Lawctopus. The idea of Lawctopus came to him while suffering from a bout of chickenpox. The two weeks of complete bed rest at his maternal grandparents’ home in Chandigarh gave him time to mull over the idea of a website made exclusively for law students. He jotted down the ideas at the back of a book and started pitching the idea to his peers when he returned to college. Drafting a 1700 Word document on his ideas and sending it out found him an agreeable group of friends who went on to become the core team at Lawctopus. A sum of Rs 30,000 was pooled by him in 2010 to start the website and come 2021 the same website’s yearly revenue is close to Rs 3 Crores.

He is also a prize-winning blogger for his blogs in Legally India and has also authored a bestselling book titled ‘Law as a Career’ published by LexisNexis. Apart from being a thorough professional he is currently exploring the ‘Madhyasth Darshan’ philosophy and has also been practising Vipassana since 2011 and believes that the use of the meditation technique has kept him grounded. Among his newest ideas, an extension of Lawctopus is NoticeBard, which attempts to go beyond the law student audience, and go into other streams as well, including medical and engineering. Additionally, in 2020 he started the Lawctopus Law School which aims at providing online certificate courses and building India’s unique law school, the school offers close to 8 certificate courses with more than 35 faculty members working on those courses, till now about 3500 students have completed courses from the school.

When asked what’s his next approach and how does he see his ventures growing he says, “I don’t see growth in terms of money or number of people to be exciting for me, it’s more about transforming Lawctopus and Noticebard into a community, which is going to be a very difficult task, but I am determined to work in that direction”. Then he further states “Currently Lawctopus’s mission is informed and inspired careers, I would want to make it informed and inspired lives for it to be more wholesome”.

Thus, only time will tell what holds next for Lawctopus and Tanuj Kalia as he is still uncertain of what’s next for him but considering the present, his journey is an inspirational one for especially small-town boys from Himachal Pradesh who want to make it big.

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HP Govt Makes RT-PCR Negative Report Mandatory for People Arriving from Seven States



entry of tourists in himachal pradesh

Shimla-Tourist movement to Himachal Pradesh is likely to get hit during the peak season as the state government has made it mandatory for people of seven high load states viz. Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh need to carry 72-hour prior RT-PCR negative report while visiting the State. The restriction would apply after April 16th.

The decision came after Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, who had been insisting that there would be no restriction on tourist movement to avert economic losses to the tourism industry, held a review meeting amid a massive surge in new cases and deaths.  

The state government has decided to allow tourists to visit the State, but at the same time, hotel owners and tourists should strictly adhere to the SoPs, Chief Minister said.

“The virus was spreading at a fast pace which was the biggest concern. During the last 45 days, the State has reported 10,690 new covid cases. 120 deaths were reported in the State during the last 45 days,” he said.

Over 900 new cases with 12 fatalities were reported on Saturday only.  On Sunday, according to the Health Department’s daily update, the state recorded 512 new cases. 

Pertinent to mention that Maharastra, Delhi and a few other states had been suggesting that a complete lockdown could be imposed if the high rate of resurgence continued in the coming days.

Though the Chief Minister had been maintaining that lockdown would be the last resort, the tone appears to be changing with the worsening of the COVID-19 situation.

Further, laying stress on twin strategy for testing, tracing and treatment with effective surveillance of micro containment zones, Chief Minister said that greater emphasis must also be laid on RT-PCR tests to achieve the target of 70 percent RT-PCR tests.

He said that the State Health Department must also take steps to increase bed capacity to meet out any eventuality.

Meanwhile, no restriction has been put on the devotees visiting various temples in the State during the Navratri festival.

The government said no overcrowding would be allowed in buses and other public transport and private vehicles. Wearing face masks even in vehicles must be enforced strictly.

Chief Minister, who faced widespread criticism over violation of SOPs during the political campaigning for elections to the Municipal Corporations, blamed laxity shown by the people for a sharp resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the State.  


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Himachal Pradesh: 662 New Cases & 7 Deaths in 24 Hours, Over 4500 Cases & 55 Deaths in 9 Nine Days



Himachal Pradesh COVID-19 report

Shimla– The number of new daily COVID-19 cases and deaths in Himachal Pradesh was reported to be 662 and seven respectively on Friday till 7 pm. Kangra district reported the highest 165 new cases and four fatalities, while Sirmaur, Shimla, and Mandi recorded one fatality each.

View details of COVID-19 deaths below:

Daily covid 19 deaths

Source: HP NHM

Solan followed Kangra district with 132 new cases.

Find district-wise details of new cases below:

Daily COVID-19 deaths in himachal pradesh

Source: HP NHM

The COVID-19 case and death tallies have now reached 68173 and 1090 respectively. In April, the state has recorded a huge surge in cases. In the nine days of this month, the state has recorded 4568 new cases and 55 COVID-19 deaths – a rate of more than six deaths per day.

The state government today reviewed the situation in its Cabinet meeting and expressed concern. However, no restrictive measures were taken except extending the closure of all educational institutes till April 21.

Chief Minister Jairam Thakur had been maintaining that a lockdown would be the last resort.

Further, the state government today said that to make vaccination people’s movement, 11th to 14th April may be celebrated as ‘Teeka Utsav’.

The government said that the biggest matter of concern was that the virus was spreading at a fast pace. In addition to this, the number of death has also increased rapidly. All the districts have been advised to enhance their capacity be it bed capacity, quarantine capacity and medical equipment capacity etc.

Chief Minister Jairam Thakur said that strict action must also be taken against those involved in gross violation of SOPs. He said that the hoteliers must also strictly follow the SOPs so that the State Government may not be forced to take action. He said that laxity shown by the people has resulted in sharp resurgence of Covid cases in the State.

It’s pertinent to mention that during the campaigning for the elections to Municipal Corporations, all parties and their leaders including the Chief Minister violated all SOPs without attracting any action. The parties also faced criticism for ignoring public health for the sake of political interests, thus, setting wrong examples for the public.  

Feature Image: Pexels@polina-tankilevitch

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