Why Govt. vehicles are exception for Shimla Police’s strictness in no parking zones?

While going towards Chotta Shimla in local bus, I witnessed two policemen passing by a Gypsy idly parked on the space meant for bus stoppage (Below Sabji Mandi, Cart Road, Shimla). There was no one in the Gypsy.

The bus driver had no option, and had to stop the bus behind the Gypsy. The policemen noticed two motorbikes parked on roadside. They yelled in anger and asked who has parked these bikes. When no one appeared, the policemen opened the challan book. Meanwhile, my bus crossed, so I am not sure whether the bike owners were challaned or not.

But I do have a question to Shimla Traffic Police; why they ignored Govt. Gypsy despite the fact that cops do not tolerate idly parked vehicle on cartroad? Especially, these days, the police is very strict regarding roadside parking to handle the traffic trouble, which is a good thing. But why Govt. vehicles are exception for this strictness?

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