Wakeup to avoid mishap!

These are the pictures of the landslide that took place near Ashirwad Hotel that is the ‘bifurcation point of Bharari and Shankli’. It’s been more that 4 months… when the landslide took place but till date no action has been taken except keeping the massive stones to make people aware of the site. The road is taken by large number of people as it’s the residential area and there are schools and other institutes nearby.
Besides this, many vehicles cross from the place and the people who have to walk from the site have to face problems and fear falling. Also, ever now and then, there’s a huge traffic jam.Seems like authorities are waiting for a mishap only then they will think of taking some action. It’s the sincere request to take the matter into consideration and take step forward to avoid any mishappening.

I want to ask the councillor-Mr. Jitender Chaudhary as to what is he waiting for? He should be aware of such situations in the area. Isn’t it?

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