We don’t want to wake up!

Check out the ambassadors standing right in front of the vikasnagar bus stop. The authorities are not able to see the situation of the bus stop. The trees fell down in last monsoon and till date the situation is same. The cars as per the records are owned by assistant commissioner (MC) Shimla… and Executive Engineer HPSEB. If they ignore and pass by without paying any heed to such miserable sites I wonder who would really care to take some step further and inform the concerned department. We are making efforts to bring it in your kind notice. Hope the matter is taken seriously and some action is taken further to improve the situation.
Same is the condition of talland rain shelter. The seats there(made for public to rest) are in miserably bad condition.

How much it takes to lace streetlights, if poles are there?
First five years for poles, second five years for wires,next five years for street lights? Which makes 15 years! Such a long process!
A few days back I complained about vikasnagar kali temple situation (which still waits to be taken action upon). Here is another issue that is of the first shortcut of same place (vikasnagar-from main road-below STPI building). Here there are so many poles ironically without streetlights. My question is how much time it takes to finally put the streetlights. Besides this, the road is miserable. If somebody gets injured because of bad road and unavailability of street lights, who would be responsible? If there are many poles, what are the authorities waiting for?

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