Himachal Watcher – A call to raise the voice against corruption

Himachal Watcher is an attempt to raise the voice of common people and our motto is to work as a link between government and public. People are fed up with the lazy and irresponsible attitude of all the government departments and their employees and want them to listen to their grievances. Our country is suffering from a serious disorder – corruption. We won’t request anymore, we just want the government to perform the duty they have been assigned.

Corruption is not a minor disorder and it’s emptying the pockets of the poor to fill that of the rich. We took an initiative with a small Facebook page and now we want to serve public through a dedicated platform” Himachal Watcher” (http://www.himachalwatcher.com).

Anyone can submit their complaints on Himachal Watcher and we promise to question the concerned department and compel them to take action and resolve the problem as soon as possible. All we need is the contribution of common people who keep ignoring minor mistakes of government and give rise to corruption on higher level.

Action speaks lauder than words. Don’t sit silent inside your home and accept this corrupted behavior. Don’t be coward and selfish, raise your voice and help us make our state a better place.

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