Wretched condition of the road leading to the temple of education, HPU Summerhill.

After receiving complaints regarding the hell like conditions of the roads from residents of Summerhill ward, Himachal Watcher inspected the area itself and found that the main road from boileauganj to H.P. University was in wretched conditions. The whole road is full of big ditches and uneven patches. According to university students and local residents, the bad condition of the roads in summerhill area had been making people suffer while traveling through their personal vehicles or public buses. It’s been years and no one cared to metal the road properly and patches are the only work done to console the public.

Not only the main road, but road leading to lower Summerhill and road near the Railway Bridge, are in pathetic condition. It’s not only about the road, MC is not able to look after the maintenance of railings and roadside drainage system. Check out the images yourself and contemplate for a while on the thought that whether MC is performing the duty assigned to it or not. The Sealed VIP road from Summerhill to Vidhan Sabha was metalled properly as the VIPs including the Vice Chancellor of the University used the road, then why the interest of common public are being ignored?

If MC would still ignore the complaint after going through the photographs itself, then it means you intentionally shirking from the duty or just gulping the money granted for the public service.

This is not just a complain or request, its a reminder to MC to take action and improve the condition of the mentioned area.

One more advise to MC shimla, instead of trying to procrastinate by consoling the public by lying that work is in progress, think about some real work which the area requires. It’s too much of excuses from all government departments. Please get to work and do something useful for the city if some sense of responsibility towards the duty is left.

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