Appallin groad condition from MLA Crossing to Boileaugang

This is to inform about the road condition from MLA crossing to Boileaugang. The road, as seen in the images, has missing and broken parapets, improper road side drainage system, sewer leakage and road dug up at MLA crossing. The road has an improper drainage system because of which the often blocked sewerage pipes in the area overflow on to the road, causing discomfort to the public. The road has also been dug up at the MLA crossing where children and adults board busses everyday. We request MC Shimla to take heed of the matter and get things mended here as soon as possible.

Also on this road patching work was done a month back, and now the road is once again tattered and seems abandoned. We ask the MC Shimla, (which complain of snowfall a reason for bad roads) there has been no snowfall in the past month, so what is the reason for the patching turning into ditches yet again (that just in under a month).

This for the main road, now take a look at a pedestrian path (short cut) just about 100 metres before from Boileaugang Agriculture main gate which is also in appalling condition. There are broken stairs, no street lights and no sweeper to clean the path.

Update On Complaint:

Solved and Another Work In Progress

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