Words don’t mean a thing actions are everything!

There are abundant of excuses to avoid initiating any action. Every govt. department is very quick in replying to a complaint, which they think does not belong to their department. What’s the big deal in forwarding the complaint to the concerned department? The MC removed the billboard Himachal Watcher had complained about few months ago and we are really thankful for that, but why they couldn’t see the trees next to the one mentioned in the complaint. The wires tied around the trees, nails embedded in trees belong to the electricity board, and MC can’t remove them. Even if it’s so, can’t you take the little pain of forwarding that complain to the electricity board or the forest department? Again you disappointed Himachal Watcher and the all the common people who consider the trees as nature’s precious gift to humanity.

The present Government needs to understand, and start putting their words into act. We’ve reported clicked pictures and reported issues where departments like the BSNL and the HP Electricity Board have used trees to tie stay wires, and are destroying the trees right under the government’s eve.

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