Forest Fire in Shimla: Vicious wild fire in a forest near Tutikandi

Forest fires cause great harm to natural habitats and many animals either die or get serious burns. Some people start fire intentionally to get rid of residues of fallen leaves to open it for fresh grass sprouting. Please do not promote this practice, rather try to help stop the fire if possible. Your initiative can save a great deal of vegetation and creatures

Bada gaon bypass Shoghi-Mehli


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  1. Sharma54321

    If we ask one question to our forest department, what type of fire fighting equipment they have.. The only answer they will give that though we do not have much equipment only the fire brigade can save the forest. Then question arises, can the fire brigade reach up to the place of fire in forest… Then the answer will be a big NO. To save forests against fire the forest department should develop fire fighting roads within forests as in every forest some sort of walkway of about 1m to 1.5m are planned for inspection/ shifting of forest produce. These should be properly developed so that fire fighting equipment like fire brigade etc. can be put into service. Moreover, its the dry leaves that spread the fire within forest. If these leaves are cleared from time to time by means of machinery then we can save our forests. Also, this fire fighting road will act as a break line for the fire to spread across. The cost of developing these fire fighting roads will be negligible against the loss we suffer due to forest fires.

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