Neglected Summerhill ward number 5 seeks immediate attention

These photographs were sent to HW by one of the residents living in Summerhill ward number 5 with a complaint pointing at a very sensitive fault regarding one of the electricity poles.

The pole in the pictures holds the cables carrying 22000 Volts of power. That’s enough to burn you to ashes. The wooden frame on the top of the pole holds the insulating plates and wires. The mentioned wooden frame seems to have lost its strength due gradual decay and as the monsoon has arrived, the wooden frame might not be able to handle the weight of cables anymore resulting in a disaster for all those who use the path right below the pole.

Therefore, the complainer seeks action to replace the old wooden part to ensure safety of the pedestrians. It’s not only about the single case that came to our notice, but the issue regarding the maintenance of electricity poles carrying high voltage prevails almost in every region of Shimla. We hope the HPSEB is following their routine checks for the regular maintenance at specific periods.

The locality rates poor on sanitation and garbage disposal methods too. The heap of trash containing variety of polluting objects creates quite an ugly scene.

Lastly, the same complainer sent us an image that shows a party billboard nailed into a tree that is highly irresponsible behavior towards the trees on the part of the organization/institute responsible. Such violations should be dealt with appropriate and strict methods.

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  1. Richa Sharma

    AAj Tak ek baat samajh nai aaye k yeh Councillor kis liya hota  hai?Sirf election mai apne shkl dikhane k liya yaa phir kaam krne k liya.

    Summer-Hill Councillor : Km. Diksha Thakur Councillor Thakur Niwas,Andri,Summerhill, Shimla–98573-30222

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