Urinal at Local Bus Stand, Shimla pleading for maintenance

The Municipal Corporation, Shimla boasts of a number of development works undertaken by it to beautify Shimla and its suburbs, but all these claims are actually more on paper rather than being in reality.

The snapshots here depict the pitiable condition of the most commonly used public urinal located at the local bus stand, Shimla adjacent to the Traffic Police Post. For the past many years, the condition of this urinal has worsened rather than being maintained. It simply depicts the negligence on the part of the Municipal authorities. If this is the condition of the urinal located in the heart of the city at the bus stand used daily by thousands of people, then you can well imagine the condition of other such so called amenities, where people use them scarcely. The irony is that the state government claims Himachal Pradesh to be a state free from open. If this is the condition of the urinal constructed for the common people, I am sure people will prefer to use open places rather than public toilets.

It is not just that the urinal is not maintained well, but even the anti-social elements use it as the most preferable location for drinking alcohol, smoking and using intoxicants. Located just adjacent to the Traffic police post, there is no one to look into the matter.

Himachal Watcher demands an immediate action in this regard. An RTI application in this regard has already been filed with the PIO, M.C. Shimla. We hope the persistent problem for many years is soon solved.

Er. Vishal Sharma

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