Neri Panchayat of Shimla district becoming a living hell

A population of over 5000 suffers due to damaged road, lack of street lighting, and poor garbage management.
HP PWD disposes the complaint saying the road couldn’t be located in Shimla district.

While we walked on the road leading to Sangti, Panchayat Neri, from the lower Summerhill chawk, we captured some images depicting a real lethargic stereotype attitude on the part of both, the government and the public. The road is completely damaged and has not been metlled from years. HW walked through the road 2.5 km towards the girl hostel of the HP University and the whole length tortured us with pits filled with rainwater, muddy, slippery conditions. The shoes and the trousers were all painted with the proof of the quite an adventurous Journey. The major road that connects Sangti to the city is a nightmare even for vehicle owners, taxi drivers and transport buses in the absence of parapets and fences on the roadside.

Then there is no street lighting at all and accidently, if there is a streetlight, it doesn’t work. Now, imagine the road as a pitch-dark length, that the many local residents are forced to use.

In the name of garbage management, there was only a single garbage container to collect trash from thousands of homes. Hence, most of the garbage and other waste materials are disposed by throwing it in the open in the unavailability of garbage containers.

There is a rain shelter too, but it’s more like a garbage disposal alternative.

A local resident had submitted a complaint on E-Samadhan on 12/7/ 2011, a year ago. (Complaint No – PWD/2011895) requesting PWD to look into the matter, but PWD disposed off the complaint saying that they couldn’t locate the road in Shimla district. Further, in the words of the complainant: “The road also acts as a connecting road to other areas of Neri Panchayat besides serving the population of Sangti. The road is almost 60 years old and has been tarred only once, that too about 12 years back, but the present state doesn’t show any signs that it was ever metaled.

Even the Pradhan of the Neri Panchayat, Devender Thakur, doesn’t seem much interested in the matter. Criticizing the government, the system is one of the most frequent topics picked up by the people when they need something to gossip about. However, it’s a bitter truth that the public is equallyresponsible for the condition of their area. How many of the residents ever approached the concerned departments/person to make a complaint regarding the problems they are facing in their society?

If the government has not provided garbage containers, then does that mean the act of polluting the locality with irresponsible garbage disposal is justifiable on the part of the public? Instead of uniting for the good of the whole society, the public chooses to limit itself just to gossips, but no initiative. The signs of a healthy and aware public are altogether missing in our society and we are rather adapting instead of reacting to it. When the public doesn’t care about the problems in their locality, why the Panchayat Pradhan or the government would take the pain to solve it. The lack of awareness, inability to unite, and lethargic attitude of the public are the biggest advantages that encourage the corruption and the sick attitude among the responsible authorities.

HW Community is again forwarding the issue to HP PWD along with the images and proper location. If the HP PWD still couldn’t locate the road or feels, it isn’t their responsibility, then we request the department to clearly mention it in the reply to our complaint.

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