Newspapers at last took pity on Ranjhana Panchayat

Newspapers took pity on Ranjhana Panchayat residents, but after they have already suffered for over 3 years.

HW Community is glad and thankful to Amar Ujala, daily, Shimla editon to help highlight the serious grievance of Ranjhana Panchayat residents, published and submitted to MC Shimla by HW Community on 26/07/2012.

However, we wonder what took the established daily newspapers to cover such an important issue in a city like Shimla, which is in news frequently. The true role of the media is to work like a bridge between the citizens and the government.
Along with serving public with latest news in various fields, media should also support the public and convey messages crucial for the development of a healthy society.

We hope rest of the newspapers/media would also help to highlight the issue and get relief for the residents of the Ranjhana Panchayat ASAP.

Published on HW: 26/07/2012 | Published in Amar Ujala, Daily on 30/07/2012

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  1. Monica Thakur

    WTF!! Newspapers like Umar Ujala never noticed it for so many years and now they think they can take credit for this after it was raised by HW. Bad journalism ethics guys!

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