Why the Indian currency misses the national emblem?

Which one deserves to be on the Indian currency – the national emblem of India or Mahatma Gandhi?
A single person did not free India. Many others, who actually sacrificed their lives in the freedom fight, share the credit. Isn’t the Ashoka Pillar, the national emblem of India, which symbolizes power, courage, pride, confidence and the power of truth (‘Satyameva Jayate), is the most appropriate figure for the Indian currency?

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  1. Sunny Thakur

    hahhaha yeh to abhi kuch bhi nai hai thoda time ruko soniya gandhi, rahul gandhi, priyanka gandhi, roberto verdho yeh sab milgae note pr bs wait n watch kyuki aap so rahay ho……Or koi reh gaya ho to aap add ker dena 🙂

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