Hotel owner chops off the head of the tree without provoking any legal action

Even after the complaint, submitted with visual confirmations, the DFO MC Shimla turned a blind eye to the issue

A couple of weeks ago, a HW reader noticed a man chopping the upper part of the trunk of a tree inside the premises of the Meridian Hotel near Convent School Tarahall in Shimla, and captured the incident in photographs,quickly using the mobile camera. The reader sent us the photographs with a request to confirm whether the hotel owner was granted the permission to perform the mentioned act by the DFO MC Shimla, if not, then appropriate action and penalties, defined by the law, must be imposed on the violator.Therefore, HW mailed the DFO MC Shimla and the owner of the Meridian Hotel for the confirmation of the status on our query. We received no reply or response from any of the two parties, rather the complaint was ignored inspite of the fact that harming even a single tree without prior permission and relevant cause is liable to punishment and penalties.


It sounds like, both parties have settled the matter already at a personal level ,so that the facts could be concealed. If not so, then they should have, at least, responded to the efforts of a citizen to throw light on the violation of rules regarding a very sensitive matter. The environment is something that we all share, and imbalances in the ecology, deforestation and climate change would do equal harm to everyone without any regard to the wealth and influence of any VIP. Shimla has already lost a great number of trees due to the ignorance of the government towards the urgent need of taking appropriate measures to sustain the environment. Himachal is still beautiful and Shimla is still the queen of the hills wearing a green crown. Even a little ignorance on the part of both, the government and the public, can result in a great damage to the environment. The issue of climate change does not remain confined to any particular class, rather its fatal for all life forms on the earth. Moral and ethical values hold more power than that enforced by the man made laws. HW again request to all the members of our society and the citizens of Himachal to co-operate with the system and understand the value of their moral duties, which our society seems to ignore most of the times.

HW would again send a complaint to the concerned department and to the hotel owner, but would also expect a contribution from our readers and members in our effort to spread the message among the rest of the society. Especially, the educated group using social media websites. HW Community seeks to provide a common platform for all the members of our society through the World Wide Web. The issue might appear to be minute and common for most of you, but the reaction of the readers through their intelligent comments and suggestion does play a role in the enlightenment of the ignorant public and government. We took an initiative to contribute our share of duties and now, maybe it’s your turn to decide whether you want to take part in it or turn a blind eye and stand aside.

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