I Love Devbhoomi


I love Devbhoomi…..every pebble and every grain of sand of it,
Every drop of rain that falls on to its virgin land!

Every expression on the faces of my fellow people,
Who are so lovely and pure at heart!

I love its apple and I love sweetness that it spreads around,
Every leaf that makes me feel so green and alive!

I love its low high mountains and those challenging peaks,
Its streams, rivers, forests and the evergreen trees!

I love to have a sip of tea here,
As it tastes good and relaxing when I am here!

I love to see the dresses of my natives,
As here is the variety of even the single thread and color!

I love celebrations here they are so fondly and pure,
As they are the heritage we all share!

I love the instruments that reverberates whenever played,
And make everyone dance with footsteps that need no care!

I love the stories my elder tell or those village bites I get,
As they aren’t sensational but that is the moment in some crest!

I love to stay carelessly here in the lap of my dear motherland,
As it beckons me and separates me from others so that with pride I stand!

No matter wherever I will go whatever I will do,
You are mine and I will be yours; that all is I know!

I pledge to make you feel proud about me,
Just like you have always made me feel special and strong!

I love being here coz this is me and to here I belong,
Oh I Love Thee Devbhoomi Himachal and to Thou I offer this song!

Poem Sent To HW By: Harshendra Mehta

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