Killer Scrub typhus invades Himachal, kills 10 people

This season, the lethal Scub typhus has so far killed 10 people in Himachal Pradesh – 5 from the district Bilaspur,2 from Solan, 2 from Shimla and 1 from the Mandi district. Most of the people who died suffering from the disease, came from the rural areas. The sensitive issue requires education regarding the causes, symptoms, prevention & treatment in order to reduce the number deaths and cases. Here are some basic and important info that can help many to avert getting transmitted with the fatal bacteria born disease.

What is Scrub typhus?

Typhus is a term associated with an illnesses caused by a bacterial family called rickettsiae. There are approximately 37 different ricketsial conditions; however, the most common types are Brill-Zinsser Disease, epidemic typhus, endemic typhus and scrub typhus.


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