Who murdered the innocence?

I had just landed in my village house after attending a wedding of my best childhood friend. And as soon as I settled down in my room, my dad came and said, “Pata nahin kya ho raha hai aajkal!” I didn’t get to the real thing that made him say this until he told me that two girls have been killed at Sanjauli. I was shocked to hear the news and the very next morning while on my journey back to Shimla I kept thinking what the real news was?

Finally as I caught up with my laptop, I kept searching for what actually had happened and who the girls were. Thanks to Himachal Watcher who is always there to enlighten us with the city happenings and soon I got to know that two girls, who didn’t have even entered into their teenage, were the real victims of the incident. Soon my heart filled up with intense grief and I just tried to imagine what the parents of those little angles might be going through. But at the same time, my curiosity to know more about the whole incident kept growing. Numerous questions like who is behind all this? How did this actually happen? ..and so on keep hitting my mind.

It was only last day and I just searched for the latest news regarding this macabre incident. Soon I found out a building up news that the school in which the girls used to study was occupied by the parents of the deceased children who actually were blaming the school administration after the deaths of Nancy and Sakshi.

From the whole incident and all the news that I collected, it appears as if the girls actually had opted for suicide after a teacher humiliated them in the class. It made me think that have we adults transformed into devils that make children as small as like that to take the suicidal route? I mean, come on, 11 or 12 is no age for a child to even know or think about suicide. This is the age when they should be cared and nourished well by all means.


Well now, the reality is that both little girls have died leaving a void in the lives of those who loved them. Parents and teachers have a great responsibility of shaping the lives of little children, who tomorrow will shape the world. We cannot destroy and rupture their minds and lives like that.

The second big fat question that lies in front of us is that how efficiently our systems work. The place like ‘Kala Dhaank’ in our city needs better watch and control. It’s the 21st century, so the administrative bodies must, at least, install CCTV cameras at such sites. Moreover, you need to have police booths at such places so that the citizens can feel safe and such incidents can be avoided.

I really pity on the psyche of a teacher or any other adult who humiliates or mistreats children of that age. There is always a better option for adults to mend or teach little children. We all need to question ourselves time and again. I feel so depressed when I think about the little angelic souls who have departed. They did choose death, but even then they adhered to their friendship.

Friends, never mistreat a child or play with his/her emotions. When we as adults can’t bear the pressure of the life sometimes then how can we possibly expect these little flowers to take up so much pressure?
May God bless the souls of two angles who have departed leaving the whole city in a shock and grief!

Article Contribution: Harshan Mehta, Shimla

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