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Is the Indian public unfit for the democratic form of government?



Knowing your constitutional rights is not enough. People must maintain the environment and conditions favorable for the growth of democracy and should learn to use constitutional rights for the proper functioning of a democracy.

What would be your opinion when you hear or read a news like “ Mr. Vibhadra Singh threatened the media and warned them that he he will smash their cameras”? A spicy news for all the news channels, the daily newspapers and the readers, who would love to wonder what Raja Ji has been doing. The BJP sympathizers would find it very soothing to hear that. Well, that would add to the scoreboard of stinking political party war. On the other hand, the fans of Virbhadra Sing would feel an extreme wave of rage against the media. Even the rival media channels and papers join hands when it comes to threats. Quite justifiable because that’s the only thing that can prevent them from being a victim of the rising dictatorship of the wealthy and political giants.

Although every political group is indulged in the blame game but, most of all, the BJP finds it cozy to jump in the gutter and enjoy mud slinging as the emptiness inside the united face of the party is getting visible to the public. The factionalism in their own house and rebel activities in Himachal are two scary nightmares for the BJP. Think about it for a while. Why only during the election time? That’s one of the main aspect that every voter must perceive. Each word spoken and every action performed by the leader of a particular party project their character and the respect for moral rules in the game play. It doesn’t mean that Raja Ji is a victim of media exaggeration or political tricks of rivals. There could be material in all the allegations, which are causing a headache,especially for the Congress. Further, the undemocratic behavior on the part of some of its leaders is a very strong indication of prevailing misuse of the power of the state e.g. the congress didn’t even bother to consult its allies regarding the implementation of the FDI. A couple of weeks ago Salmaan Khurshid, our law minister, was threatening Keijarwal publicly using highly questionable language. Now, the reaction of the opposition leader, Virbhadra Singh, to a question regarding the tax evasion and money laundering allegations leveled by BJP might have untied his inner dictatorial wish. Have a look at the videos below.

Video Credits: NDTV/

Do you find these gestures appropriate on the part of two powerful political leaders? Why is there so much aggression if they are clean? Perhaps, these questions are scaring them as the polling day in nearing. These questions should be a great concern for the sheep herd, who find it highly tough to ‘Think’. The thinking faculty of of our people has been replaced by the perceptions based on the news headlines on TV Channels and spicy stories in the daily newspapers.
While most of us, who had wondered a lot when the TV Channel Aaj Tak disclosed the finding of their investigative operation ‘Dhritrashtra’, would have found it difficult to look for the progress that is being made in the case. Are those allegations true? If not, then did Salmaan proved that officially through any documented material evidences? It’s too much of the corruption. It’s beyond tolerance now. Our nation needs change. These are the opinions that the media gets from the public. Then why doesn’t it affect the culprits?

The answer is that Lord Vishnu has still not appeared as an Avatar, who will destroy the corruption from India and bring peace and prosperity for the human kind. Keep waiting guys, but it’s your inability to ‘unite and think’ that encourage aristocracy and corruption. The government doesn’t have anyone to be afraid of. The public has elected them itself, but doesn’t know how to take that power back or make the representatives responsible. There are a few who dares, but the shine of money and power push them to the corners. Sometimes, it sounds to be true that Indian public has a taste for slavery and the common man likes to be ruled. The public of our nation doesn’t seem to be fit for the democratic system of government e.g. Article 25, 26, 27 and 28 safeguard the religious freedom of all citizens, and wish for a secular state. That’s a mistake to give them that on the account of the behavioral characteristic shown by the majority of people in the Indian society. The democratic government is useless for such a public that doesn’t even know how to use the ‘Right To Expression’ and because these idiots believe in maintaining classification on the bases of caste or wealth & status. There are even subcategories in some of the castes. The political parties are not far behind in taking advantage of religious beliefs and provoke people to form religious groups, which are highly intolerable towards other religious beliefs. The RSS and Shiv Sena are two solid examples of it.

It’s a definite and certain fact that the democracy can’t work without the interference of the common public. In order to interfere, one must know and understand the concept of the democratic system. Knowledge and the reaction of the public is the only power that can eliminate the corruption and force the government to rectify the malfunctioning of the democratic machinery.

Moreover, the perception regarding the media should be changed. The media and the press are not just meant for the entertainment or just for watching and reading. The purpose of media is to circulate the true facts regarding any important news that matters to their Nation. Rest depends on the public. The public is the authority that needs to unite and demand justification from the government during the times like our nation going through presently. If denied cooperation, then use the Judiciary to punish the culprits legally. However, in a view that the common man would rarely dare to attempt an action using our judicial machinery, the environment becomes favorable for the growth of corruption. The world appears to be favoring only to the wealthy, politically relevant personalities and the powerful. Still, the awakening of the common man is the only permanent cure to the degraded condition of India.


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The only right the people of India know and are welcomed to consume is that of ‘voting’. In a nutshell, it’ll be a humorous joke to claim that we live in a democratic state, but afraid of using the rights given to us and, unfortunately, our fears are justifiable on the grounds that a greater part of the public is suffering from imbalances in the economy of the nation. You must survive first and then think about enjoying your rights.

Madan has studied English Literature and Journalism from HP University and lives in Shimla. He is an amateur photographer and has been writing on topics ranging from environmental, socio-economic, development programs, education, eco-tourism, eco-friendly lifestyle and to green technologies for over 9 years now. He has an inclination for all things green, wonderful and loves to live in solitude. When not writing, he can be seen wandering, trying to capture the world around him in his DSLR lens.


Shimla-Based IT Start-Up Scaling Global Market in Short Span of Time



Shimla based it company netgen solution

Shimla-A youth from a small town of the Mandi district – Sarkaghat- started as a freelancer and went on to launch his own start-up in 2014. By 2021, the start-up grew into a company that has garnered international clients  and also designed and developed websites and web apps for several Departments of the Himachal Pradesh Government.   

Netgen IT Solutions Pvt Ltd- a young agile company- has, so far, developed websites for the Department of Information Technology,  Women & Child Development, Rope & Rapid Transport Development Corporation, HP Milk Federation Cooperation,  and the HP AIDS Control Society.

Besides, it also developed  HimSuraksha Abhiyan App (National Health Mission) and the website of the Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation along with a  Services Portal.

Further, the website of the Department of Information & Public Relations and the single window system was also developed by NetGen.

Having developed over 2500 websites, Netgen IT Solutions has an imprint of having worked for clients spread over 25 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Bootstrapped as a Start-Up on 7th July 2014, the company has evolved to offer a diverse set of services for web, e-commerce and mobile solutions that have enabled Global and Indian business to adapt to a Digital First environment. In seven years, this Shimla-based company has carved out a niche for itself.

The company started with a small team of just four people, and today it employs strong-heeled 25 IT professionals. The skillset of web developers, designers, networking specialists, social media marketers and others is expanding with the growth of the company.

To mark the NetGen Foundation Day, the company hosted a live inter-action of the team members with some clients to understand the need for future technologies and solutions for a fast-changing business environment in the shadow COVID pandemic.

Mr Rajneesh Rana, Founder and Managing Director of the company, is a computer science graduate. Speaking about the company’s journey, Rana’s says, “Stepping out from working as a freelancer at the small township of Sarkhaghat, in Himachal Pradesh, to launching a start-up company, was my first step in entrepreneurship. The company was founded on a shoe-string budget with a small capital outlay. After overcoming the initial hesitancy, we’re on the firmer ground today.”

With the growth in demand for IT Services, the company in the initial year faced manpower shortages. The management took to train and equip freshers in a mentorship program to meet its needs for IT Professionals and also to equip others to find gainful employment elsewhere. Netgen till date has trained over 50 freshers with essential and advanced IT skills. Most of them for the first time in their careers got exposure to the IT Industry.

The company’s IT Technical Team today is professionally equipped to work in 20+ technologies that can be deployed across a vast network of industries. 

The Netgen team of IT professionals has expanded the services that the company now provides. A multitude of projects employing creative website design-development; customised software products; e-Commerce solutions; server administration – web security – networking services; mobile application design – development; social media marketing; stand completed.

“There is a growing demand for many other IT and IT-enabled services that the company has successfully delivered for Global and Indian clients,” said Rajneesh. 

“Since the breakout of the COVID pandemic, the demand for online services has increased. It created an environment that demands moving things onto digital platform, bringing more opportunities for the IT sector ,” added Rajneesh.  

“Take the case of the Government of Himachal Pradesh, India. To secure baseline health data of the over 70 lakh residents in the state and to prepare effective strategies for countering the spread of the pandemic in challenging hilly terrain, the state government needed a simple but effective IT-enabled solution to capture the data as fast as possible,” he said.   

“The ‘Him Suraksha Abhiyan’ application designed and developed by NetGen IT Solutions was used by thousands of teams spread under 2300+ sub-centres. In just over a month, the software solution created successfully captured the data of over 68 lakh residents of Himachal Pradesh,” he added.

The 70:30 Percent (%) Global – Domestic revenue stream of Netgen has prepared the company to expand both its export and domestic service portfolios, said Rajneesh. 

Mr Ravinder Makhaik, Director of the company says, “growing steadily, Netgen is a debt-free, profit-making company. A healthy mix of domestic and international businesses, with sound financials, gives the company strength to take up more challenging projects. Our portfolio of government projects is making good progress.”

Founded as a 1 lakh authorized capital company and with annual revenues rising at a 25 % compounded annual growth rate, the Netgen Board of Directors has decided to expand the authorized capital of the company to Rs 10 lakh to meet future growth needs.

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Who is IPS Gaurav Singh, the Officer in News for Slapping CM Jairam’s Security Personnel



WHo is IPS Gaurav Singh

Kullu-Superintendent of Police, Kullu, Gaurav Singh became a national sensation after he allegedly slapped the security personnel of Chief Minister Jairam Thakur on Wednesday. The incident occurred outside Bhuntar Airport where the Chief Minister had come to welcome Nitin Gadkari, Minister, Road Transport & Highway, who is on a five day visit to Kullu.

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The incident, where SP Kullu is first seen slapping a security official of CM’s convoy, ASP, Brijesh Sood, and another security official kicking Gaurav Singh afterwards, was shared widely on social media and has garnered a lot of criticism. This incident has created curiosity among the people to know more about the IPS officer who was once termed as the Singham of Himachal Pradesh.

At that time, IPS Gaurav Singh had also been in news for being the youngest serving IPS in the state. He has been in news for his extraordinary work ethics often and has an impression of an honest and fearless officer. A 2013 batch IPS officer Gaurav Singh was born on 1 July 1990 in Agra. He has earlier served as the ASP Shimla, Baddi, Kangra and Solan, before assuming his duties in Kullu.

Gaurav Singh is widely known in Himachal Pradesh for his exceptional case solving skills. He, as ASP Shimla in 2015, had solved the infamous (Boileauganj) blind murder. In 2017, he was awarded the prestigious Disc Award by then DGP Sanjay Kumar for solving the murder case and for his good working culture and behavior.

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IPS Gaurav Singh was also praised for solving 177 cases of illegal excavation in Baddi and imposing a fine of 26 Lakh rupees. Similarly,  he had also busted 13 cases of illicit drug and 75 cases of illicit liquor manufacturing.  Gaurav was then transferred under alleged political pressure by Virbhadra government. He served for a period of 7 months in that office.

Also Read: Baddi’s Singham – IPS Gaurav Singh slapped with transfer orders for standing against mining and drug mafia

Other than his exceptional case solving skills, Gaurav is also known for his strict work ethics. He had taken action against 26 police and home guard officials, out of which 22 were from Lahaul-Spiti and 4 from Baddi. As ASP Solan, Gaurav Singh had solved cases of ATM cash theft, chain snatching, and two murder cases. He challaned the tipper of  ex-Congress MLA’s wife in relation to illegal mining. He was transferred immediately to Kangra following alleged political pressure from the Doon MLA. 

Following the Buntar incident, Gaurav was transferred to the Range office Kullu. DGP Sanjay Kundu is conducting an inquiry into the matter. He has sent two Chief Minister’s security personnel, involved in the incident, on compulsory leave till the inquiry is complete.

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No Dialysis at Tanda Medical College; No Nephrologist, Machine Dysfunctional, Patients from Five Districts Left in Lurch



Tanda Medical college dialysis facility

Kangra: Amid regular press statements of Chief Minister Jairam Thakur led Himachal Pradesh Government over its consistent efforts to improve the state’s health infrastructure, media reports have been highlighting facts contrary to these statements.

According to a report published in Hindi daily, Covid-19 patients with kidney-related medical conditions from Hamirpur, Mandi, Una, Kangra and Chamba are left in the lurch. The report said that these patients have no nearby options as none of the hospitals in the above mentioned five districts have dialysis facility for Covid patients. These patients are either referred to IGMC, Shimla, or PGI, Chandigarh. Also, the report says, the multi-specialty Hospital Tanda Medical College does not offer dialysis to kidney patients. Dharamshala hospital is unable to offer dialysis to Covid positive kidney patients as it lacks ventilator support.

The report cited a reference of a local who alleged that his mother, who was on dialysis, was admitted to a hospital in Nurpur. She was referred to Tanda Medical College where she tested positive. He said the hospital told him that they don’t offer dialysis facility. He was told that dialysis is performed at Dharamshala. But the hospital in Dharamshala lacked ventilator support for covid patients. The mother died while the son tried to arrange dialysis outside the state. The son said his mother would have survived if she could receive timely dialysis.

Dr. Bhanu Awasthi, the principal of the College, told the daily that Tanda Medical College does not have a Nephrologist and the available dialysis machine is not functional. The hospital has been requesting the government to fill the vacant post, he said. G.D Gupta, CMO Kangra, confirmed that patients in the district have died as they could not receive dialysis treatment because the hospitals in the district don’t have dialysis facilities for COVID patients.

Another report published in an English daily highlight the plight of cancer patients who are deprived of their chemotherapy session, posing threat to their lives.

The report says that various hospitals in the state were converted into Covid-19 treatment centres, and patients suffering from other severe illnesses were not receiving treatment in the districts of the lower Himachal Pradesh. Cancer patients in Kangra have alleged that they are not receiving treatment at Tanda Medical College which they fear could be life-threatening.
The report said Tanda Medical College is the only hospital with a facility for cancer treatment in the lower Himachal which was converted into a Covid hospital. The super-speciality wing of the hospital which caters to cancer, cardio and neuro patients has remained closed since last month. This is causing a delay in the completion of chemotherapy sessions.

Dr Bhanu Awasthi told  the daily that the treatment was suspended temporarily due to a surge in Covid cases. He said that patients who require immediate chemotherapy can go to Indira Gandhi Medical College. He said the cases in Kangra district were coming down and if the situation improves, they will be able to open the super specialty wing soon.

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