HW Celebrates World Mental Health Day

Image Credit:World Health Organization (WHO)

On this World Mental Health Day, resolute to promote mental health education & awareness

World Mental Health Day is celebrated globally on 10 of October every year since 1992 to promote global mental health education, awareness and advocacy. This year the theme for the day is Clinical Depression. So here is some brief, but valuable information on the same.

What Is Depression?

Clinical depression is a state of extreme sadness or hopelessness that reaches a point where it affects your every day activities and quality of life.

According to the WHO, India has the biggest number of depressed people in the world. Out of the total, 9% of people reported having an extended period of depression and 36% suffered from major depression. The rate of depression is 50% higher for females than males and the average age of depression in India is 31.9 years. The official report of the National Crime Records Bureau says that 1.35 lakh people committed suicides in India during 2011. The stats shows an increase of 25 per cent during the last decade (2001-2011). The suicidal rate is significantly high among the youth and the teenagers. Most of the time, depression is being reported to have been the major reason behind the suicides including unsuccessful attempts.

Video Credit:World Health Organization (WHO)

In a State like Himachal, people havn’t given much space to the basic psychological problems and most of the times, mental disorders are thought to be originated from supernatural phenomenons. In other cases, the friends, the family and teachers are not able to notice the symptoms of the depression or any other mental illness and eventually, this leads to great disasters. Therefore, it becomes necessary to start educating the public about the mental health, especially depression, its symptoms, causes, and treatment. Here is some relevant information regarding the same. Educating the public about the mental health is the only way to fight it. With the urbanization, the stress, insecurities and loneliness are increasing. We need to learn to cope with them and help others to do the same.


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