Ravana pollutes the earth again – Happy Dussehra to all the readers of HW

A few glimpses of Dussehra celebration at Summerhill ground

Dussehra marks the victory of truth over the evil forever, and is, a little less tempting than the Diwali, but sure worth a celebration. After all, it reminds us of the power of truth, but we wonder who mentioned about polluting the environment with some of the most lethal of toxic chemicals and a lot of loud noise. Yeah right! It’s kind of very hard to imagine a Dussehra celebration without fireworks, like you saw in Summerhil today, where a huge crowd gathered to enjoy yet another recreation of the epic scene from the Ramayana. Here are some of the images and videos worth watching if you missed the scene this year.

Image Credit : Madan

Part -1


Part-3 Final

However, do mind one thing. Our environment is no more in a condition to absorb more of those toxic gases, chemicals and noise. Therefore, think about not torturing our mother nature on this Diwali.

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