BJP vs Congress (Induction stove vs LPG cylinder)

A brief introduction to the induction cooking, how it actually works and its pros and cons

In the ongoing clash of two rival political parties, the Congress and BJP, we witnessed the use of many weapons against each other. The FDI, corruption, development, and economic reforms are the heavier missiles in the list. The recent attack of BJP targets the royal background of Virbhadra Singh as compared to Dhumal, who presents himself as a humble son of a farmer. Prem Kumar Dhumal is preaching that the royal habits of the Raja Ji are a reason of the great worry as it increases the communication gap between him and the public. Dhumal has even been talking about some CD released by Congress to defame him. One thing is sure that, Mr.Virbhadra is playing the game of politics on a mature level, while Dhumal camp relies mostly on leveling allegations and a few other cheaper tricks.

Mr. Singh’s experience weighed heavy on BJP this time. The ruling party doesn’t have much to claim on the name of development. BJP is making sure that it reminds the public of the step taken by UPA government regarding the LPG cylinders. Hence, free induction heaters have been promised to relieve the ‘Aam Admi’.

That doesn’t make the Congress any better than its rival and most of us are well aware of that. However, as an individual politician, Virbhadra is displaying better and a bit decent skills while he campaigns for the upcoming assembly elections in Himachal.

Far away from the big issues, for the lower middle class, that makes majority of the public, the confusion is whether they want ‘Free Induction Cook Tops’ or increase in the number of subsidized LPG cylinders. That’s because, the ruling BJP has tried to improvise for the cap put on the subsidized gas cylinders, while the opposition chief offered to add 3-4 cylinders under subsidized cap. It’s indeed a very sensitive issue for the greater part of the voter bank. Paying Rs. 900 for a cylinder means a great deal for any lower middle class family and a kitchen without a cooking source is not called a kitchen. Cooking is the basic and daily need of any human and LPG is the favorite of domestic kitchens, while induction plates are less common for regular cooking.

We thought, it would be a great help to explain to the public what exactly the induction heater is and how does it operate.


There are merits and demerits of an induction cooktop, which we don’t think Mr. Dhumal would be interested in explaining in detail.

advantages-induction-cooker disadvantages-induction-cooker

An Induction stove after removing the top plate

Image credit: Popular Mechanics

The induction heating isn’t new and is being in used from a decade. However, recent technological advancements in the induction technology and increasing popularity of induction cooking in many popular and small restaurants made it somewhat known to the common person. The present rate of LPG and the cap on the subsidized cylinders in India is going to boost the induction cookware industry for sure. It can be a jackpot for induction cookware manufacturers.

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        • Madan

          People don’t ask questions! They don’t unite for the good of the whole society! The government guys are enjoying, no matter which party you choose. It’s useless to expect a democracy to work without the involvement of the public. Public knows just one right provided to them – to vote. I guess, democracy doesn’t end with the vote!

  1. Arti

    i didn’t find the topic justified in text. author has tried to praise Raja virbhadra with no supporting material. therefore a biased blog,

    • Mahesh Thakur

      Well, we can see who is biased here..lolzzz and by the way HW is not a blog. Please read About Us and also go through other articles before making such a comment

    • Shivangi Thakur

      @23ef0f61f6130f5c11836975fe3f5b2f:disqus That’s really funny. Some one is comparing two parties and then blaming some one for being biased. HW is not a blog..go through the website properly please!

    • Er Vishal Sharma

      I hope there is no word as BIASED in the dictionary of HW. We are working selflessly for the well-being and welfare of society as a whole. No sex, region or political biases included. Miss. Arti, your prerogative as a citizen of Himachal should have been to make the voices of HW heard in every nook and corner of the state to bring about a social change. I would appreciate if you raise voice against the biased media rather than raising a finger on HW. 🙂

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