Willfulness of the staff at HRTC booking counters at Chandigarh ISBT


One of the passengers, who fell a victim to the rudeness of the staff at HRTC booking counters at Chandigarh ISBT, sent us a complaint in the following words:

I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned authority the rude, irresponsible and idiotic behavior of the staff at HRTC current booking counter numbers 19,20 and 21 at sector 43 ISBT Chandigarh.

It’s not the first time that the HRTC passengers traveling from Chandigarh bus stand faces such a unwanted behavior on the part of the staff deployed to issue tickets.

This time, the staff on the booking counter refused tickets to Mandi or Bilaspur on any Manali bound bus. If the same person asked for a ticket to Kullu or Manali , then they were immediately issued the ticket. There were almost 100 people who asked for tickets but the staff didn’t relent.

In one of the buses to Manali, that departed at 8:15 AM, out of total 32 passengers in the bus 9 passengers had to buy tickets for Kullu-Manali even when they wanted to travel to either Mandi or Sundar Nagar. They had to pay for the ticket to Kullu as they had no other option. This is ridiculous that these passengers were forced to buy a ticket to Kullu when they wanted to travel to the stations between Bilaspur and Mandi.

My job includes frequent visits to the various districts of Himachal and most of the time, I found the staff at Chandigarh booking counter to be hopelessly inefficient and rude. Their way of responding is so rude as if they own the HRTC. About 3-4 months before, we read about the same issue regarding the booking for tickets to the buses on the Bilaspur route. Now, the passengers seeking tickets to Mandi are also facing the same issue. The situation is so bad that I fear, someday, the mob would lose temper and would trash the staff.

I request the concerned department to please issue directions to the HRTC staff deployed at booking counters (19, 20 21) at Chandigarh ISBT in sector 43.

The complaint has been forwarded to HRTC by HW and is waiting for the response. We would like to thank the complainer to take the pain of writing to us. The identity of the complainer has been kept confidential on request.

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  1. Tarun

    Good point raised. Such is the plight of passengers who want tickets for Chandigarh in Shimla-Delhi Volvo buses. However, a little proof reading would have helped.

  2. Mahesh Thakur

    I would testify that. I really appreciate the complainer. I have myself faced their arbitrary attitude and no wonder, some day the mob can trash them!

    • Shivangi Thakur

      Then why didn’t you make a complaint? See! that’s how we contribute to the wretchedness of our society!

  3. Nyha Sood

    Arent customers Rude to Bus Drivers Too ???? When was the last time you disembarked a Bus saying .. THank you to the driver ??? When was it you smiled and thanked………..Rude Customers deserve Rude Service… become a five star Customer group and then ask for five star service……….People treat drivers and conductors like Shit.!! and that is a fact…….So thats how they act to these customers now…….bloody uncivilised customers……….

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