Stones float in the heaps of food & sweets, while 45% population starves


Does it make any sense to offer Pulses, Rs. 85/- kg and mustard oil Rs. 120/- liter, to a stone-idol, when a great number of people are starving to death?

Mythology has remained an integral part of any civilization, shaping the growth of values, morality and spirituality. Since birth, the fantasy about the existence of GOD and guiding of our daily routines by planetary positions is instilled in the minds of every child. It is a common sight that some people buy newspaper daily, just to explore what do the astrologers predicts their about their Sunsign or Rashi. Even the west doesn’t deny a belief in astrology.

It’s almost impossible for any of us to express the doubt about the existence of the Almighty simply because such an eternal universe must have some originated from a source of energy, that is also the light to control it. But, can the wastage of scarce food be ignored in the name of spirituality?
This Saturday I visited the ShaniDev Temple at Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Kasumpti and saw, what is depicted in the pictures alongside. A heap of pulses and mustard oil spilt around shocked me.


Rate of inflation is at its all-time high and 45% population is forced to sleep bare stomach every night, but there still ‘so-called spiritual’ people, who offer pulses and mustard oil to ShaniDev, oblivious to the future use of the same.

Is it justifiable to offer pulses worth Rs. 85/- kg and mustard oil Rs. 120/- litre, to a stone-idol rather than helping a needy fellow survive? There are various examples in our rich hindu mythology, which prove that even incarnations of the Lord lead a simple life, helping the needy and motivating others to do the same. Then why do we forget this and start believing in superstitious ways of pleasing the almighty?

Dharma is the way of life, but if followed in the right way. Superstition is the wrong way, and should always be avoided. BhadwadGeeta says, “MaanavSewa, MadhavSewa.” Serve the human and you will indirectly be serving the Lord.

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