A village in Himachal with no electricity, no water supply, no roads, no health care

The villagers live on the mercy of a NGO, which supplies them water and electricity.


Bada Bhangal is a tribal village situated in the lap of beautiful Himalayas in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The village is located at the height of 7700 ft above sea level and can be reached from Bir near Baijnath or from Chamba. The remote location of the place makes it mostly unexplored destinations in Himachal.

Life in Himachal is pretty much on the highway roads. People are moving towards 21st century with their high classic rides. The technological advancements in every field are penetrating the social life of our state. However, while rest of the state enjoys most of the basic facilities, Bada Bhangal still hasn’t touched the fine line of basic necessities. Government’s efforts to develop Bada Bhangal are nil. There is no sign of development in this area. Transportation facility is nil and there is no proper road or any convenient way to reach the village. Presently, people have no choice but to cross the Thamasar Pass on ponies.

Even the educational development in Bada Bhangal is nearly negligible. People are living on the mercy of an NGO, SAI Foundation that provides water supply to the village. It’s startling that the village doesn’t even have the electricity and are living on supply provided by the NGO. The NGO built a small dam near the village from where the villagers receive electricity from 11 AM to 11 PM daily and otherwise, they live without it rest of the time.

The health care facilities are abominable. They have a small dispensary in the village, but since 2002, not even a single doctor has chaffer there. Last visit of that of the pharmacists in 2007 and except that, not even single fellow has taken elbow grease to look at the goodly positions here. Moreover, the last supply of medicines was made during 2005-2006, which are expired now. Presently, a single class 4 employe, a resident of Barot, Joginder Nagar, is running the dispensary. He would tell you that no doctor or pharmacists ever make visit over there and he himself had to buy some medicines, so that if anyone approaches him he could help them.

Finding a village in Himachal in such a pathetic condition simply makes us wonder if we really live in the 21st century. What’s wrong with the government. After every 5 years, there is a sweep in the government, but for the villagers of Bada Bhangal, it’s always the same. Why didn’t any of the parties in the power ever bothered to attend to the poor condition of the village? Are they too blind to see the pain of the people living there? Why the government is not making any effort to provide even the basic services to its public? These villagers, too, had voted for the government. Then why their elected representatives have forgotten them?

It’s a bitter reality, all solidly backed up with facts and links. Ignore the wailing of the sad creatures themselves who feel exposed to the outside world and are only trying to make their life beautiful with natural processor. Really, wish for an early change for the good of the suffering villagers over here.

Article contribution: A HW reader (identity kept confidential on request)

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  1. Nishant Vaidya

    This village is not an example but in the interiors of Kullu Districts nearby the Great Himalayan National Park i saw a village which is also a lack of facilities

  2. Madan

    There are many such regions, issues, grievances in our state which require attention,. The people need to raise the issues in anyway possible., like the contributor has done by sending this story to HW.

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