A lovely small story of an old father and his son

Most of us, fortunately, would have spent our childhood in constructing images out of the stories we heard from the parents or the grandparents. If not often, then a few times, but we must have heard from anyone around us. Then again we come face to face with short stories during the school days and even those who couldn’t continue their studies after their matriculation, would certainly can’t forget the short stories of Munshi Premchand. That’s just one example. Sadly, rarely anyone, from our society, mainly comprising of average or say common people, is able to continue reading stuff like short stories. For me, the short stories have been the best way to enhance my library of knowledge. Sometimes, they leave you in silence with a warm message.

I came across a precisely short story a few moths ago and I really loved it. I thought could use HW as a medium to share it with you. I couldn’t confirm any info about the author, but just recovered it from the mail from an anonymous friend.


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