Door-to-Door Garbage Collection: An intense failure


MC fails keep a check on the private contractors and wastes the money they collects from the public as a monthly fee for the service.

A long-awaited public welfare scheme of the Municipal Corporation, Shimla was implemented in all the wards of MC last year. The initiate was to collect the domestic & commercial garbage from every door in the wards to ensure that the people do not litter anywhere else in the town. The ultimate aim was to make Shimla cleaner & greener.

But, now as more than a year has already passed, this scheme is on the verge of an intense failure. The outsourcing of the work to private contractors may be considered to be one of the reasons for this failure.

Taking the example of a suburb of Shimla city- Kasumpti bazaar, all the households and commercial set-ups, which were earlier dumping their garbage in the MC Dumpers, located on the two extremes of the town, more than a year ago. The town was much more beautiful and clean then. But, now, with this door-to-door garbage scheme having been made compulsory for all, each settlement needs to pay an amount of Rs. 70 per month to the MC authorities for the garbage being collected from their door-step. Once, the garbage is collected from the entire bazaar, rather than dumping it into the SEHEB tempos (MC society looking after D-to-D Garbage project), the entire stinking garbage is heaped up at the local taxi-cum- bus stand for hours altogether.

During morning hours daily, stray dogs can be seen roaming around the garbage and searching for something worth eating. The school-going children & the office-goers are compelled to stand by the garbage side before they can board a bus to their destination.


This scheme seems to be more benefiting for the private contractors rather than the public at large, for whom it was implemented. High time Municipal authorities look into the matter and ensure a proper resolution in public interest.

Vishal Sharma, Shimla, A dedicated HW Community Member

HW has forwarded a copy of the same to MC Shimla and seeks for an early follow up.

HW would like to thank Vishal for his contributions. He is one well aware and responsible citizen who bothers to contribute articles and information regarding many relevant issues without any monetary benefits.

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