Queen of Hills, losing its beauty due to poor waste management

Shimla has been all time favorite of tourists, especially in summers, but City’s waste management seems to have failed in preserving the beauty of Shimla. These photographs are taken near Lift, Cart Road Shimla and they speak for themselves and the mess created due to bad waste management. It’ll not be enough to blame only MC as the citizens are equally responsible for disposing the garbage in a an inappropriate manner.

The issue of poor waste management and inappropriate garbage disposal is not limited to a particular area, rather whole Shimla is losing its beauty due to it. Please watch the video HW recoded near Tuti Kandi Shimla while walking on the zoo road.

Are these vehicles supposed to dump the garbage in such a manner? Is it the right place? As we mentioned earlier, it’s not about some particular place and all over Shimla garbage is disposed wherever these workers and vehicles consider appropriate. Unfortunately, the door to door approach to collect the garbage has failed to manage waste disposal in Shimla City. Workers collect garbage from homes and either burn it or throw anywhere they think no one is watching them. Every house owner contributes some amount for the door to door garbage collection service. However, it’s a great failure on the name of a progressive policy.

It’s our request to public and MC Shimla that please help preserve the beauty of Queen of Hills and do use dustbins and garbage containers to dispose of the garbage. Further, if you have witnessed similar issues anywhere in Shimla or Himachal, write to us. We are expecting the involvement of public in our quest to make Himachal a better place and preserve its beauty.

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  1. Ajayjinta

     Workers engaged only collect garbage from doorstep, as they say.  To improve this they should be paid handome salary by Society and in return should be asked to collect garbage from outside also. If they dispose this or throw it in open they might be penalized and also driver employed + contractor  for this  must be penalized to the same extent. 

    • AnkurSharma

      Yes Ajay you are absolutely right good salary for good work and penalty for bad and this is not only in this department but this formula should be adopted in all departments in one word “Perform or perish” thats what we want.

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