Govt. schools mock at the word ‘literacy, ruining the future of Himachal


A local resident from shirgul, Tehsil theog of Shimla district wrote to HW along with a few images depicting the wretched condition of the school.

When the Himachal government statistics claims the State has a literacy rate of above 90%, we should also ask in what conditions, environment and facilities the education is delivered in the schools, especially in interiors of the State.

One of the local, who lives in shirgul, wrote to us regarding the wretched attitude of the government, teachers, and the majority of the local public towards the condition of a primary and middle school at shirgul of theog tehsil. The complainer sent us a few images of the school, which speak enough for the condition of the school and we don’t need to write much about the issue in words. However, if asked to depict the scene at this school in a rural area of Himachal, it would be as followed:

Two buildings, one of which is in ruins almost, could be spotted from the nearby road. You can approach them from any side of the hill, as there is no proper path to connect them to the road. When you hike on a small unpredictable path leading to the school, you see two boards saying Government Middle & Primary School Shirguli, tehog tehsil of District Shimla. When you enter the school, you see a few classrooms turned storerooms. There are toilets, but the students can’t use them. The students pee in the open. A small building is under construction from the past year, but it’s still a few years away from completion. There is no playground, which is an essential requirement for any educational institute, public or private. There is a pit nearby the school where all the garbage is dumped. The teachers are preaching quite a green practice to the children – the future of our State.


That’s the scene at most of the government schools, especially in the interiors and even teachers don’t worry what message they induce in the minds of children by not agitating to the malpractices or averting from raising the issues of insufficient basic facilities. If that’s the way Himachal government claims a high literacy rate, then we fear, we need to change the definition of the word ‘literate’.

Why the toilet cabins are built, but are in ruins? Most of us would admit that it is difficult to provide schools with playgrounds in the mountainous regions of Himachal, but it has now become a perfect excuse to avoid even the smallest of efforts to provide the kids with playing spaces. We would request the education department not be careless with the future of our nation, being ruined in such a wretched school environment.

HW has forwarded a copy of the complaint to the concerned department, and the status on the same would updated as soon as we receive a reply. We would like to thank the complainer for writing to us and providing us with the images.

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