A little effort of a common citizen puts the wasted money into use


It’s not more than a few weeks that HW wrote regarding a school building in the Mandi district that was built 4-5 years ago, but stood unused till it was noticed by a local citizen, who had sent us the images and information regarding the matter. After HW published the story and wrote to the Department of the Elementary Education, the building of the government primary school Khaliar in Jawahar Nagar of the Mandi district has been now opened as a branch of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. HW would like to thank Mrs. Hemlata Pathania, District President of the Himalayan Disabled Welfare Association Mandi, for bringing the issue into our attention and, at the same, we hope other citizens from every corner of the Himachal to consider it their duty to contribute in a similar manner.

Everyone lives for himself, but the joy of living in association with your society is far greater. We understand that most of the people of our society, reading this article, won’t find the news much spicy or sensational for their social environment has taught them to watch, hear and think, but unfortunately, not to feel and express. The public always needs leaders to lead them, to whom they could follow blindly. Without someone, who takes an initiative, the public is ignorant from the feeling of nationalism and fraternity The battle between the self-centered interests and social duties, the former wins most of the time. We can’t blame it all on the public as the economic insecurities has forced most of us to focus on the war of personal survival. However, we think this complaint put to use the money, which was being wasted otherwise. What it costed the volunteer was the time it took to click a few photographs and mailing them to HW.

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  1. Madan

    These are the people for who HW has been established, but unfortunately, the public is not getting the message! Their bad luck!

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