International World Theater Day celebrated


Just like rest of the world even Theatre fraternity of Shimla too celebrated the International World Theater Day, by staging three different productions.

“ However by repeating an old production and In summers we even plan to organize the play festival”- Director LAC, D.K. Gupta

On March 27, Department of Language Art and Culture Himachal Pradesh, celebrated the International World Theatre Day, at the Historic Gaiety Theatre , Shimla, by staging of three different plays that is “Gudiya” organized by Ab Theater Group; “The Gift of Magi” by Muskaan Theater Group and last but not least “Pyaar ka Bukhaar” by Abhilasha Theater Group.

While informing about the event Director LAC, D.K. Gupta said, “We organized the shows to mark the celebration of International World Theater Day. In summers we even plan to organize the play festival where groups will be invited so that they can interact and learn from each other.”


Once again within the period of a week people were again given an opportunity to relive the story of “Gudiya” for the third time. Though certain changes were made in this third show however there was yet again nothing so outstanding. However this time the boy using “Gudiya” as his puppet came out clear and loud through the gesture of boy while she is buy fascinating and dancing with her dolls about her wedding day.

Neatness while movements, was missing as they again bumped into each other few times and while the Ballroom Dance Gudiya steeped twice on the foot the Sameer. The level of girl’s insanity intensity was little less as compared to previous shows.


Whereas “Gift “was an English play based on the famous story of O’ Henry with the same title, one of the most celebrated story of sacrifice for the happiness of their beloved by Jim and Della. As compared to Prabhat’s previous week’s promising performance of “The Flight of the Innocence” this time he missed to hit the mark. Previously he managed to maintain Wilde’s touch it embodied strong moral values and was told with effervescence akin but here that sweetness of Henery was missing.

In duration of 20 to 25 minutes he lost the essence of the story. As a very impressive example of execution of this romantic story can be seen in Pankaj Udaas’ song “Aur Ahista kegeje baate” each time the video is seen it makes one overwhelmed with love but in the play Santa’s presence distracted the focus from the main character as it blocked the mind with image of Christmas and the little Jima and Della had to offer became the side story. The music was done really well but it too dominated the original main characters as pen down by Henry.


Had it been in the Hindi may be it could have appealed more as English is not our native language and when forcefully trying to imitate the accent, it makes us look ridiculous. A little bit of problem with diction too was present along with a silly mistake of gender reference of him to be her “Please God make her think I am still beautiful” while praying to God by Della.

“Pyaar” was a short comic play or can be called as a comic skit where a love doctor tries helping one of his patients but is swept off his feet by the patient’s girlfriend. It had the flavor of Kreyala.


It won the hearts of all spectators hardly having any strong message to give it was a comedy that made the entire hall spring up with laughter. It was funny. The actor Rajeev did a great job. The situational comedy was really nice and many wished that it was given a bit long duration as it was fresh and refreshing rather than restaging old productions.

In the name of International World Theater Day celebrations, something far much better and elegant could have been staged by the people collectively in the duration of 2 hours as the productions could have been wonderful on any ordinary day but on such prestigious day at such prestigious venue that is Mecca of Theater definitely needs to be reflected on.

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