Gorkha community protest against himachal bjp mla ravi

BJP MLA withdraws his remarks suggesting Gorkhas and Nagas as monkey eaters

Gorkha community protest against himachal bjp mla ravi

BJP MLA Ravinder Ravitoday withdrew his remarks about Gorkha community, he had suggested the deployment of Naga and Gorkha regiments in Himachal to end monkey menace claiming they like monkey meat

Shimla- Amidst the protest by Gorkha community at Dharamsala against BJP MLA Ravinder Ravi for his alleged remarks about the Gorkhas and Nagas during a debate on monkey menace in the state Assembly last week, the legislator today withdrew his remarks in the house.

Making a special mention in the House immediately after the question, Ravi said “While participating in the debate on subject how to control monkey menace, I inadvertently made a mention about Gorkha regiment and I rise to seek your permission to withdraw those remarks.”

Accepting his request, Speaker B B L Butail said “remarks may be expunged from the proceedings.”

Participating in the debate, Ravi had made a controversial suggestion to end monkey menace and said Naga and Gorkha regiments be deployed in cantonment areas of Himachal Pradesh from time to time to bring down monkey population.

The enraged Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh leaders termed the remarks of the MLA as “shocking, racist and against the Gorkhas” and sought an apology and withdrawal of remarks. PTI

Image Credit: HT

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