Top five TEDx Talks for women, by women


TEDx talks are open forum discussions held for the benefit of masses that need to be awakened to certain pressing topics and issues. While these talks are inspirational in nature, they are not all about seriousness either. They range from inspiring to intriguing to entertaining to technology driven. There are several TEDx talks particularly relevant to certain groups of people or communities. The idea behind these is to inspire and augment awareness as well as stimulate thinking so as to make the world a better one.

There are innumerable prominent speakers in these events delivering talks, either in person or via TEDx talk videos, on matters of pressing importance. Five of the most admired ones delivered by women of impressive stature and for women communities are presented here to stir you as well.

1. Kristin Neff: The Space between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion- This is a particularly inspiring talk for women to enable them to take control of their lives and facilitate them to live how they should.

2. Saba Gul: Rediscover your compassion- An exciting talk about how you can change you ways of living to be a better you, this talk shows you what you are doing wrong to make yourself vulnerable to fall.

3. Parvathi Menon: Scaling Social Enterprise- A talk portraying the success story of a woman and how she got to the top rung despite the seemingly daunting steps. This one is particularly inspiring as it gives an insider’s view to how difficult life can be as a woman in what is essentially considered to a men’s arena.

4. Robin Farr: Beauty in the Breakdown: The Benefits of Brutal Honesty- A talk delivering on the importance of honesty in life and in a relationship and how being absolutely and brutally honest can mar other efforts that you put into something.

5. Nicole Daedone: Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman- This one is a rare insight shared on a topic mostly avoided being talked about at conferences. It boldly shows illuminates the path and shows you the importance of having a satisfied life.

These are 5 of the videos and talks that gained immense following at the TEDx events. Each of these are available for free viewing at TED.com

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