We have good to teach rather than to learn evil.


It is like a captain witnessing his ship’s wreck and things turn even haunting when one understands the seriousness of the consequences. I am of no different age group and kind, and I am no altruist too. Civilizations rose and drowned in the history but one thing what has been common is advancement.

The sands of time witnessed all ups. Science, literature, sports, level of personal desires all grew in the race and so did the evil and eventually injected itself to the veins of every business, leading it to the path of yield from hopelessness.

Numerous of foreign as well as domestic tourists visit Himachal throughout the year, and so we all are proud hosts. Hills, no doubt are very beautiful and have plenty to offer and so shall their sanctity must be respected. Temples, snow, food, culture and music of peace and contentment must be elements of the fun.

I happened to talk to a guest to Himalayas, the guy hailed from Israel. It was his second visit to Himachal and as a proud host I wished to inquire that what fascinated him to Himalayas. I was served with a very unexpected answer. The guy surely did respect the sanctity of the place but listed a few more which should not be what represents our place.

“I like the place for what it is, the mountains, the waters, nature, peace and of course the smoking stuff” he added humorously which instead of making me laugh struck my inner string of shame.

Marijuana is a blurred concept of its purpose and identity to the people and these misguided brains bring business with no moral ethics to many vendors. It is shocking to know the ease of availability of the stuff and what is even more horrible to know is the age group of the consumers.

Well if it is easily available it will attract more of customers taking into the consideration its value. This concept is turning more and more people into pedlars and more youngsters into the consumers. The consumption numbers have increased drastically over a decade. This is not an opposition to the people typical to the group who worship the sanctity of the herb but is a reminder, an alarming one.

This practice is hollowing the student of my generation and I am very much concerned. Things need to be mended and mended well on time. This very practice is imprinting a very evil impression of the state on rest of the world. This is not what the land of Shiva is for and destined to be. Himachal tourism has lot to present and the dirty business must keep itself out of this.

By:Rishav Jamwal

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