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Rains no more feel pleasant in Himachal

India Floods Kand

After what happened in Uttarakhand, rains in Himachal aren’t pleasant anymore. More than 10,000 said to be dead in Uttarakhand, and God knows how many are still missing. May be we would never know the actual number of killing done by this devastation. Now, there is a threat of epidemic due to rotting flesh on dead bodies. People are mass cremating bodies wherever they can. Survivors are lucky, but still they have to survive from the trauma of almost touching their death. Whole India, collectively shares amounts of this very trauma. It’s a nightmare to die suffocating beneath mud or by being slashed against the rocks, shattering each and every bone inside your body. Who would stand against the thought of helplessly witnessing their spouse breathing their last, children swept away and killed by flooded rivers, and to lose houses, which might have taken everything you might have collected in years. Where would you go if you have no home, no food and water? Of course, then you are looking at the government for relief and shelter, but unfortunately, inside us, in the words of great Michael Jackson, we all know that “They Don’t Really Care About Us”.

Uttarakhand and Himachal floods

But the State, which is terrified more than any of other States, is Himachal. It shares the geographical and environmental conditions very similar to Uttarakhand; it’s hilly and has rivers fed by glaciers. Kinnaur has already fallen to this tragedy. Heavy rain forecast by the Met department are promoting their show of apocalypse with trailers, like heavy rains did with landslides in Krishna Nagar, Tara Devi, and Press colony in the capital city Shimla. No matter where you park your car at night below or above a hill or at the edge of road, but you sleep with a fear of finding it crushed under lots of rubble or to find it hundreds of meters down the hill. This rainy season, people, who are indebted in loans with which they managed to build their own homes, are carrying suitcases stuffed with stress. God knows what he is upto. May be he is angry with too much slaughtering of nature by homo sapience, whom He had expected to be the wisest.

krishna nagar in shimla

There are certain types of people, who watched and read everything about it, but don’t have any worries, and are not really concerned about the tragedy in Uttarakhand, and there are those who don’t have access to much of the media thing. Third type is that which is already on the streets or in sheds, living hand to mouth everyday, and are in majority in India. Now, this third type would be least worried if some disaster falls here. They don’t have anything to lose. That’s right more you have collected, more you’ll be worried and stressed, like you do when you are just finished with your building. So, the saints and philosophers were correct; we should not run after worldly things. That might sound sort of joke in such a context, but isn’t it correct that there is some amount of reality in this fact.

Anyway, there isn’t much that any human can do to escape the wrath of natural calamities on their destined arrival, except warning the government to be ready with relief supply and rescue operation strategies, and not to play politics on dead bodies to win sympathy or to take credit, which the government is doing in case of Uttarakhand. And the last request is to stand united, like compassionate human beings, helping each other if something ever went wrong. Such times are the times when we take the test of character and humanity. Don’t fail. Try to be in the merit list. That’s the best preparation we can ensure.

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