MTB Himalaya- An adventure in the inviting lap of Nature


MTB Himalaya is a signature biking event organized in the tempting environment and settings of Himachal. It is an annual event held in September every year in the valleys and mountains of Himachal that is revered and avidly followed by millions of adventure biking fans across the globe. The race is as exciting as it is testing and this is the very quality that keeps biking buffs glued to it.

The track on which the race is held is extremely trying and quite stunning at the same time. Traipsing through the valleys and tough trails of the landscape, the race commences from the capital city of Shimla. The bikers have to a long and tough route passing through treacherous and taxing ascents, steep and perilous descents into the valleys, winding country paths and multiple thickset of trees making it an exceedingly demanding task that requires tough mental and physical abilities to get through. Though the path is arduous, there are some particularly captivating sites along the way which entrance as well invigorate the competitors. While tramping the trail, the bikers come across verdant expanses of lush green, quaint and majestic snow capped mountains, verdurous valleys and various passes and crossings that make for a wonderful and refreshing aura.

The beauty of this trail is fully imbibed passing through the most serene of settings that nature has to offer. Flagged off at the beautiful city of Shimla, the track passes through some exquisite locations like Mashobra, Sarog, Kiartu and proceeds via Narkanda to Tani Jubbad. Then continuing on to the laborious journey through Dorach and Baghi Pul, it leads to Kullu Sarahan. Paasing through Tarala and then Bahu, the trail leads to the beautiful Chhawad. The whole path is covered with perilous dirt roads and mountain trails that are not only extremely trying for the competing bikers but also soothing aesthetically.

The gorgeous trail then leads on to Gada Gushaini and Kello Dhar and finally terminates via Craignano at Shimla. All across the track, nature’s beauty is gloriously sprinkled giving the participants the experience of a lifetime. The beauty of this track can be well gauged from the immensely famous treks and destinations it leads through. All the hardships and the arresting splendor of the path strewn with nature’s most precious gifts all along makes MTB Himalaya one of the most awaited and admired biking events of the year. So come, join the trail and feel the awesomeness that is MTB Himalaya.

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