Get Geared Book Worms; Finally Shimla has a Book Club!


For people who come to me and tell me that the book culture is vanishing because of the web and stuff like that, let me tell you all that no e-book or web page can give you the pleasure you get while smelling a new book and turning the pages. It is divine!! Stop me if I am wrong. To preserve the book culture some of the books lovers from Shimla made a club and the first Shimla Book Club meeting was held in our own Wake and Bake on last Saturday. Sadly, I was out of town but here’s a glimpse of what my friends from the Shimla Book Club updated.

One of the active member and book lover Neobluepanther said,

“It was a great meeting, where almost everyone arrived on time. Raaja ji read a few excerpts from his book on Shimla, which was a great experience. I am sure, like me, everyone wants to read that book now. After that we had some discussions about how to go about running the book club.”

Here are the few things that were decided in the first meeting:

1. We will meet once every month on the third Sunday of every month.
2. We will have an agenda for each meeting. For the next meeting we will all share an excerpt from one of our favorite books.
3. We will be creating an online document where we will be sharing a list of books that we have available for sharing. To begin, you can list the books that you would like to share with others in the comments below.
4. Any more ideas to run the book club are also welcome.

According to Mickey Sood who was there for the meeting,

“It is indeed a great start. Let’s hope that it gets better and bigger next time. Will catalog the books available with me in next couple of days and then I will post the details.”

The book culture is not at all replaceable and as we all know sharing is caring. So, if you have many books why not share them on. One of the Book Lovers from Himachal itself Naintara, who just like me could not attend the meet up said, “I have about a hundred books or so in Suni, and I am looking for people to donate them to, if the book club wants they are welcome to them.”

Owner Wake & Bake and a good friend, Himanshu Sud also attended the meeting and he told me,

“The first meeting was great. It began with Mr. Bhasin reading excerpts from the first book that he wrote. That was very interesting as it had some very interesting facts about our town. A lot of things that nobody will probably know about. There were some questions and answers with sir after that. About his work initially and how he did research on this book, and about his new upcoming fiction book as well. After that we had a group discussion on how to go about taking this club further and how to keep it engaging for the members.”

I am glad my town has finally came up with a group which I can fully relate to. If you too are a BOOK WORM, just like me, stay tuned and join us!

Special Thanks to Nishant Chaudhry for the Pictures!!

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