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Stinking sewage, wrecked roads, ignorant residents: That’s Totu

While the Mayor of Shimla clings to the ‘Best City Award’ memento, let’s take a look at another populated station of Shimla city.

Totu station shimla

The Totu Chowk is covered with rubble eroding out of the ditches on the road, the crowd stands in wait of their buses amidst dust, nearby stinking, leaking drains full of sewage, while the garbage embellishes the backyards of the market. The safety railings are missing, and the actual bus stoppage has become a taxi stand.

garbage problem in shimla city

Totu is a setback to our hopes to awake common men. We once again feel hopeless for the citizens of Shimla city. How could we expect them to bring change when the Deputy Mayor of Shimla himself resides in the same region but could not see these issues, including the household and market garbage? Perhaps, he has also adapted to the system.

Condition of the Powerhouse – Totu Chowk Road & Nearby Area (VIDEO)

sanitation in shimla

One of the shopkeepers, an aged man who run a shop near the Chowk, approached the photographer and uttered, “ajj Totu ki shayamat hai?” Following a positive response from HW, he pointed towards an old water tank and added, “this tank is here for decades, but the department has disconnected the supply because it started leaking after rust had it. It could be a facility for the shopkeepers and the locals if the tank could be replaced and the water connection is resumed.”

We asked him whether they tried to talk to the deputy mayor, Tikender Panwar, in this regard as he also lives in Totu, to which the old man replied, “We did request him many times. He gave us a very positive assurance, but that came out to be only an assurance like always. No one cares. We gave them a chance, but not much has changed, at least, in Totu.”

Then, the same man pointed his fingers towards the public toilet and added that the upper part of the toilet stinks so much that people find it hard to use it.

garbage disposal shimla mc
We really appreciate the elderly man who approached us and showed interest in raising the issue once again despite seeing continuous ignorance and disappointments. It doesn’t matter who he is, what he does, or what kind of person he is. He did represent the whole crowd standing on the Chowk or sitting in their shops.

All credit goes to HPPWD and Shimla MC for being such slackers. To the deputy mayor sir, we would offer our condolences for the death of your ideological activism and passion. We don’t see there has been any efforts to aware and involve people in critical issues like the proper garbage disposal, sanitation, and maintenance of public roads. It doesn’t matter how much you plan to spend on the beautification of Shimla when the public isn’t aware enough to preserve it.

Public chose you so that you could represent the town, and people don’t have to take the headache to jump into the management of a number of tasks, so that you could correct the errors in community behavior, rectify their negative practices, and to prepare a road-map for a better future with more aware citizens. But unfortunately, the Shimla MC is as ignorant as ever. Even if they have something to boast of in the name of development, then it wouldn’t count as a favor. After all, no one forced you to take the chair and hold the responsibility of public service.

Like always, we have a few words for the residents and the shopkeepers at Totu as well, which say that your manners of waste disposal are pathetic, and you just believe in shouting ‘we love Shimla’ in the FB comment box, but internally there isn’t any respect or a sense of responsibility towards sustaining the cleanliness and the beauty of the very station you live in. Please, wake up. It’s time.

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