Shipra Khanna: If you are passionate about something, you see no bounds

Shipra Khanna

Shipra Khanna

An example of strength and motivation to many women, Shipra Khanna, the winner of Master Chef Season 2, requires no introduction. From Master Chef to K for Kids, Spice Route and HOT, she has never looked back. I got a chance to interact with her and she humbly accepted to spend a few minutes for the Himachal Watcher readers. Her life changed after Master Chef and today she is one of the most talented chefs not only in India but abroad. Winning Master Chef gave her a platform to fulfill her dreams, “One has to take it forward himself/herself. Right from working with Michelin star chefs all over the world, travelling, opening restaurants, writing books and hosting T.V. shows and the dream stills goes on,” says the youngest and one of the glamorous chefs in the world.

According to Shipra, auditioning for Master Chef was because of the motivation of her parents. She says, “Parents are someone we choose when we are souls and I’m blessed to have made the right choice. My mother filled the online form for me and my Dad’s love and support made me audition.”

When hopes die and life is upside down, those who fight against the wind and make their own path, set examples. Despite of the torturous past, Shipra believed in her dream and stood strong to make it come true. She believed in her intuitions and courage. She proudly says, “Nothing is impossible, you just need to stand up for your rights and be strong and the Universe will support you.”

About her future ventures she told that there is a lot is in the pipeline and as she says, “It’s a never ending dream, it’s just the beginning.” She also said, “If you are passionate about something, you see no bounds.”

Shipra comes from a family where values mean everything. In her own words, “I have grown up hearing, Be HONEST to yourself, never harm or do anything wrong to anyone and you will be God’s favorite child.” This is all she follows in her life and her everyday dose of inspiration comes from her grandmother, mother and kids.

I would like to thank Shipra for spending some time for us and I wish her all the best. Keep making us proud!

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