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Tunnel-103 ghost : Recalling my horrific experience in Shimla

Many ghost stories have been written about tunnel 103. But we cannot say for sure which is true and which is not. One story goes that, people have encountered a British ghost and some says they have seen a women running from one side to another end and jump off in a well and you cannot stop her as she will not respond to you or anything that comes in her way.

I and my friend Chandan decided to take a walk in tunnel 103 and find out the truth about ghost stories doing rounds there. We started our “Ghost finding” journey from Chandigarh to Shimla on a Bike. We planned to visit the site after 12:00 in the midnight, because that is the best time to encounter a ghost. We were scarred to hell as normal people. We are not ghost hunters; neither have we known any trick to control any spirit. The whole plan of visiting the tunnel was to see how courageous we are and no doubt wanted to see a real ghost.

We left our hotel room at around 11:30 PM and headed towards tunnel, it was a distance of around 1.6 K.M from our hotel room. The place was deadly quite, Chandan already started shivering by just looking at the tunnel. This tunnel is not in use any more, it was built back in 1903 in British era. It was indeed scary, I asked my friend to go back to the room as I was not willing to move a muscle towards that haunted tunnel. Chandan was holding himself somehow and wanted to go inside to get an experience of being with ghosts.

I decided to stay out as he walked towards the tunnel and in no time he entered and disappeared in a matter of seconds, call me, if you need any help I shouted! I was terrified to bone while waiting for Chandan to come out. Many thoughts crossed my mind during the waiting phase. I was thinking that he will come out screaming in any moment. 15 minutes gone by, there was no sign of him. I was worried sick about him and decided to go in to check on him as it only take 10 minutes to go and come back from the tunnel. I started cursing myself, I shouldn’t have made this plan at the first place, and this is so stupid. Anyways now Chandan was my responsibility and I have to take him back home in one piece. I started chanting all the mantras I could recall while entering the tunnel.

It was the scariest place I have ever seen in my life. When I entered the tunnel I heard the footsteps those were approaching me, it seems as somebody was running towards me. My heart stopped beating for few seconds. In no time that thing bumped into me…wait what?…it was Chandan and he fell off unconscious on the track. I saw his face with the torch, it was paled and he was breathing profusely. I couldn’t understand what needs to be done. Without a thought I started dragging him out of the tunnel. I picked up my phone and dial 100 emergency numbers, before somebody could answer Chandan whispered; don’t call anybody and get the hell out of here.

Chandan was gaining strength and he started walking and asked me to come along ASAP. I was in fix and asked are you OK? What happened in there? No response…. he started running, he was scared very scared. After few minutes we were on the link road far away from that haunted tunnel. He collected his thoughts and said, I saw the lady, she was in white attire, and I could see her clearly despite zero visibility in the tunnel. Her feet were positioned backwards, she has long hair and the blood was trickling from the tip of her hair. I haven’t seen anything like this even in my wildest dream he exclaimed! I could see his face was covered with sweat and was still pale.

We reached our room, I looked at my watch it was 1:30 in the mid night. I asked him to narrate me the incident from the beginning. She said” you shouldn’t have come” he mumbled with a fear in his voice. Looking at his condition I decided not to bother him now. Get some sleep; we will talk in the morning I said, while preparing to sleep. His eyes were wide open and the sleep was miles away from him, I left the lights on and went to sleep. There was a knock on the door and it was room services, I saw the wall clock, it was 10 already, I turned to check on Chandan. Dmmit ! He was still sitting in the same posture as I left him in the night. He was looking down and was mumbling “you shouldn’t have come”. He was repeating this line without a pause.

I thought something has gotten into him. I called one of our common friends Ravi Chauhan to find out the solution as he has a good knowledge of voodoo and witch craft. I told him the entire incident in one breath. Take a breath, he said in a calmed tone. Where are you he asked, we are in Shimla I responded.

He asked me to take Chandan to the temple named “Thakurdwara” near Shogi. I packed our stuff and check out from the hotel at 11 in the morning. On the way to the temple Chandan asked me to stop, a thought crossed my mind that it must be the spirit that is stopping us from going to the sacred place. Fear filled my heart, my lips started trembling and I didn’t stop; on the contrary I speed up the bike. Chandan pet on my back and asked me to stop in a very sarcastic tone. I had no choice except the break.

He jumped off from the bike and burst into laugh holding his stomach. For a second I couldn’t understand what is happening. Oh my God. He was pulling a prank on me. None of this was true; he was making it up since beginning. I was standing there as a fool and didn’t know what to say.

After this incident I never dare to plan to visit any haunted place.

A story by Vishal Kumar, Chandigarh

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