HP State Highway-10 : A symbol of bad state of roads and governance


SHIMLA- Due to road hazards even the most careful drivers can get into accidents. Driving safely on hazardous roads can be a challenge. Driving would be much safer if the roads are well planned and in a good state.theog-to-kotkhai-raod-upadateTherefore, we need to focus on the issue of incomplete 80-km-long Theog-Hatkoti-Rohru road in Shimla district which has raised many questions from the state Govt.

Inorder to improve the conditions of roads by strengthening and expanding the width of existing roads, efforts began more than 6 years ago in 2008, but the work of State Highway is still incomplete even though the World Bank has funded State Roads Project (SRP) for the State Highway (SH-10).

The contract for the Theog-Kotkhai-Hatkoti-Rohru Road which is 80.684 Km long, amounting to Rs 228.25 crore was allotted to a Chinese company named Longjian Road and Bridge Ltd. Co. on February 29, 2008 which was to be completed within 36 months from the date of commencement (i.e June 5, 2008).


However, the company could not accomplish it due to improper management and the work on the road came to an abrupt halt, leading to the termination of contract of the road project in 2012.

Replete with deep pits and pot holes, the State Highway (SH-10) running between Shimla and Hatkoti, has led to many accidents. Strewn with upto one feet ditches, these rough roads are resulting in jerking of knees to the two-wheeler drivers and the risk of four wheelers toppling in these ditches always run high. At every yard or so there are deep pits and potholes dangerous for vehicle driving and the dust cloud arousing from the unmetalled roads reduces visibility which can result in deadly accidents on roadways.


Even though this is a state highway and main cause for large number of accidents leading to deaths, disc problems, spinal injuries and bone dislocation injuries, the government is not doing enough.

Local public is outraged by the negligence of the government authorities towards the bad condition of the State Highway. During monsoons and severe weather conditions landslides are a common sight and commuters are seen stranded in these routes with their vehicles stuck in the mud.


Crores of amount was sanctioned for the renovation of the State Highway (SH-10), but nothing is done till date due to lack of sincerity and negligence from the govt. This is a government liability and should not be delayed due to the issues between the central and state government.

Roads are directly responsible for the economic growth of the country, therefore work should resume at the earliest and immediate remedial measures should be taken so that the roads are well laid out and strong.

Article Credit: Ankit Justa

Image Credit: The News Himachal

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