Shimla’s Mehali-Shoghi bypass road in tatters, driving becomes a risky business

Shimla’s Mehali-Shoghi bypass road is in tatters since last year, and it has become a risky business to drive on it. Number of potholes is countless and their size keeps expanding.

SHIMLA-Roads of Himachal Pradesh have always been clear indicators of prevailing corruption between administration and private contractors. Almost each one of us is well aware that this nexus does exist everywhere. But the bad news is that this greed just keep growing, and it reaching a level where quantity of material used in public infrastructure is of lowest quality at cheapest rate. Official papers would show 100 percent utilization of actual amount of fund allotted. But the true facts are quite ugly. Newly tarred roads are washed-off within weeks of tarring. Majority of Himachal’s roads are victim of this corrupt nexus.


Shimla’s Mehali-Shoghi bypass road is fresh example in support of aforesaid statement. The road is in tatters since last year. Number of potholes is countless and their size keep growing.

It was tarred during June-July in 2016, but the quality of work was so poor that it didn’t last even a couple months. Tarring layer was completely washed-off with rains. Since then, it wasn’t attended at all. We had posted several pictures of the road with a story in August 2016. These pictures would cause consternation to a aware and righteous citizen. You should definitely take a look.


This year, ongoing spell of rains has further worsened potholes and erosion. Locals, who use this road daily, shared some fresh pictures with Himachal Watcher that we are posting with story.


Though, ahead of Shimla Civic Body polls and Assembly Polls, maintenance work is in progress, this bypass road is still facing negligence. The road is the busiest route during the apple season that is about to begin in a couple of months. During season, the road would see movement of thousands of loaded trucks daily.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to drive on this road. In addition, the road would crumble as apple season is about to start. It’ll increase the difficulties of the common people,

a local told Himachal Watcher. APGOYAL-university-shoghi-bye-pass-road-in-a-pathetic-condition2

The locals also expressed concern over safety of people including students of a nearby private university who use this road daily. There are not crash-barriers or safety railings either, which further amplifies the risks related to road mishaps.

Being accident prone area, the university students and other people travel with the fear of accidents and landslides,

further said another local.

The corruption and negligence of the government departments isn’t surprising at all. However, bewildering is the silence of people, who appear to have become habitual of watching this naked dance of corruption in their own system. Such non-governance and loot of public tax money is more than enough to enrage (only) an aware and righteous citizen. Our elected leaders enjoy luxuries bought from the same tax money or loans taken from Centre or Asian Development Banks on the name of development while public is kept on hold. In brief, in order to enjoy better public infrastructure, public needs to change the perspective and start asking whereabouts of tax money from government.

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