Shimla BJP & Youth Congress clash – who started it 11

Shimla BJP & Youth Congress clash – who started it?

SHIMLA-The clash between Youth Congress and BJP workers in Shimla made headlines in most of the dailies. So far, we know that it happened outside the BJP office at Chakkar in Shimla when the Youth Congress (YC), led by its president Vikramaditya Singh, marched here to stage protest against land acquisition ordinance promulgated by the BJP Govt. in the Centre. While, the event is making headlines, the actual cause for which it happened did not find much space in dailies.

Protest March, slogan shouting, heavy stone pelting, assaults with sticks, rods, and even some sharp edged weapons, that’s what happened. Four people were seriously injured including Rajesh Sharda, who has been referred to PGI after he sustained heavy damage in one of his eyes. It is feared that he has lost vision permanently. The number of injured including minor injuries is said to be about 25-30.

Today, BJP staged a protest in front of the Shimla DC office and burned Virbhadra Singh’s effigy. BJP wants to take full advantage of this opportunity and is making all the noise it can.

Shimla BJP & Youth Congress clash – who started it 13

Both parties are blaming each other for creating hostile condition. The question is what actually happened. So far, we know that YC marched to BJP office in Chakkar in Govt. vehicles (as accused by BJP) to stage a protest against the central ordinance regarding 2013 Land Acquisition.

First of all, BJP members and ABVP activists have assembled there to hold a meeting discussing BJYM membership drive and had nothing to do with the Central Ordinance. Why the hell YC marched with over hundred of its men to oppositions office.

Shimla BJP & Youth Congress clash – who started it

We guess, The YC weren’t able to find more appropriate venue to hold a protests.

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Secondly, if the YC had arrived to stage a protest outside on the public road, then why BJP members came out to block their way, shouting anti-congress slogans against the YC. Everyone has the right to peacefully protest against the anti-people acts of the Govt. There was no trespassing by the YC, rather, the BJYM including senior party members like Ganesh Dutt came out to create resistance to the protest.

Third, Shimla Police SP, DW Negi, was informed regarding the circumstances, but still he did not act or say, he was helpless against these political goons. The ferocity and hate that he had displayed towards HPU students, was missing here. The Boileauganj station is just 5 minutes away from Chakkar. Still, the police waited until the damage was done. Here, the goons hit back even the police, caused chaos in a public place, they damaged cars and scared local residents, and yet no arrest is made because the men on both sides belonged to powerful political parties.

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At HPU, Shimla police and QRF lead by SP DW Negi left no stone unturned to abuse, beat and imprison students for about three months for protesting against heavy fee hikes. These students, young blood, never even hit back at Police. However, during this clash we wonder what happened to the police. The SP didn’t convey the message to higher officials even after he had prior information regarding the probability of a clash.

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Anyway, the monkey gangs from both parties kept quarreling and pelting stones for half-an-hour in the presence of Shimla police. The BJP had even accused fours CID personals and some cops of accompanying the YC in attack.

We have a few video clips, one of which was posted on Vikramaditya’s FB page explaining how BJP started the fight, while the YC was holding peaceful protest. Indeed, the video supports the arguments of YC. BJP members had come out to block the way for protest march. Why? Let them protest. It’s their right. If they had entered the building or pelted stones when BJP was holding its meeting inside, then it would have counted as trespassing.

Both parties have filed cross FIRs at the Boileauganj Police Station accusing each other and BJP ran to newly appointed Governor of Himachal demanding dismissal of Congress Govt.

It yielded nothing more than blood and major injuries to people.

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This clash had no intentions of public welfare or to protect their rights or anything of that nature. Central Land Acquisition Ordinance initiated by the BJP Govt. at Center goes long way to snatch rights of farmers or landowners to favor the industries, NGO, and private builders. The sections that stated it mandatory to get consent of 80% of land owners for private projects and that the consent of 70% of land owners be obtained for PPP projects inhibiting area in which land to be acquired by Govt. was removed from the act. That means, now the Govt. need not to take permission from landowners while acquiring their land for mining or for building commercial infrastructure.

Then, the 2013 Act asked for a Social Impact Assessment be conducted to identify affected families and calculate the social impact when land is acquired before proceeding to land acquisition, which has also been removed. There are no changes in the rate of compensation.

While the LARR Act 2013 was applicable for the acquisition of land for private companies, the Ordinance changes this to acquisition for private entities. A private entity is an entity other than a government entity, and could include a proprietorship, partnership, company, corporation, non-profit organisation, or other entity under any other law.

The LARR Act 2013 stated that if an offence is committed by the government, the head of the department would be deemed guilty unless he could show that the offence was committed without his knowledge, or that he had exercised due diligence to prevent the commission of the offence.

The Ordinance replaces this provision and states that if an offence is committed by a government official, he cannot be prosecuted without the prior sanction of the government.

The ordinance has received highly negative comments from many politicians, activists from various parts of India and from political parties like AAP.

So, was that the issue for which the YC and BJP clashed? No, we guess. It was all about ugly, self-eccentric, and egoistically motivated fight between two rival political parties. The most unfortunate part of miserable Indian democracy is that the people consider these gangs of political goons as their representatives.

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