India’s Daughter – Why women can’t walk freely on roads at night?

Everybody is happily busy living their own life and forgotten the brutal ‘Nirbhaya rape case.’ When I think of the incident, it fills me with rage and disgust for the rapists. Well, even ‘rapist’ is a decent word for those obnoxious perverts.

I recently saw the BBC Four’s documentary on Nirbhaya case – ‘India’s Daughter’ – and was literally shocked after hearing the statements of the rapists and their lawyer.

Indian Govt. banned the telecast of the documentary, but I don’t understand why. Why the Govt. is so anxious to hide it? It’s something that the whole India must know. Thanks to social-media that we could still watch it. I found nothing derogatory about it.

Even the father of the victim is urging everyone to watch it. “Everyone should watch the film,” news channel NDTV quoted victim’s father as saying on its website.

This documentary shows the perspective of the convicted rapists and murderers. According to them, a woman is equally responsible for a rape because she calls for it, as a decent girl is not allowed to walk freely on roads and only meant for housekeeping. A girl cannot wear jeans or short clothes because such clothes provoke a man to brutally rape her. On top of that, the defense lawyer of the rapists said that in Indian culture there is no place for women and ‘a woman puts sex in man’s eyes.’

They are right; a woman is responsible for a rape. How? Well, here are few mistakes that women make:
1. How dare she step out of her house wearing what she likes? Just because she looks good, doesn’t mean she can do whatever she feels right.

2. She is not strong enough to fight rapists, so why doesn’t she let it happen without uttering a word.

3. She took “equality” word too seriously, as complete freedom is only for males in India. A girl is only required for religious ceremonies such as ‘Navratre Pujan’ or so. On rest of the days, she must cook, clean house and get married after few years to do the same for her in-laws.

4. She is such a fool, when she thinks she should start earning to be a helping hand for her family. By this she herself is inviting guys to stare at her and touch her without even her consent.

I don’t understand why people always blame girls for rape. Some sick men say that short clothes are the reason for rapes. I would like to ask them, what about rapes against little girls? Girls at such young age are not even aware about sex abuse. So, on what basis she is held responsible for cruelty against her. No woman wants a stranger to touch her and rape her, she NEVER asks for such cruelty and mental torture for rest for her life.

All men are not the same, but such culprits prove that the place is not safe for girls. To call woman the weaker sex is injustice in itself. Instead of telling girls how to dress, society must teach boys not to rape. Even Mahatma Gandhi said, “The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say that India has achieved independence.”

Stop judging a girl the way she dresses. Even if she walks down the street wearing a short dress, you still don’t have any right to rape her.

Interview:Leslee Udwin

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