Himachal is ‘pollution free’ according to Mr. CM

This promotional board with that smiling face of Himachal’s CM, Virbhadra Singh, near the Shimla Mall claims that Himachal is a pollution free. We understand, it’s necessary to promote tourism. Around that board are the images of routine transportation activity.

The face reality however is that despite regular complaints, the condition is worsening with each passing day. The Govt. has turned a blind eye to the surmounting problem of air pollution caused by vehicles. HRTC buses top the list followed by Govt. vehicles and private buses. Talking about pollution control, HP Pollution Control Board is in a state of coma except in case of receiving their salaries; the MLAs are nothing more than corpse, and the Chief Minister of the State is happy making claims on his advertisement boards that Himachal is pollution free. True Mr. CM, Himachal is green in your official papers and your promotional hoarding all around Himachal!

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