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Shocking RTI disclosure of inhumanity at Mashobra Home for Destitute Women

Govt. Home for Destitute don’t even provide Kafan (shroud) to dead, new born separated from mothers, no psychological and psychiatrists for 26 inmates suffering from mental illness, no sanitary napkins, no gynecologist for diseased, no heater in winters, and home never visited by any Govt. official and Director of Women and Child Development.

SHIMLA- As a shocking revelation in a RTI, gross violation of human rights of poor inmates residing at State Government’s Nari Sewa Sadan , Mashobra, are exposed. As a heinous act, breaking all set norms, one new born baby girl of an abused unwed inmate has been separated and shifted to Kids Home in Shimla. The baby is denied mothers milk and is suffering form malnutrition.

The information also revealed that the last rites of the dead inmates are not performed as per their religious faith. One young girl inmate of Nepalese origin who was earlier residing in the destitute home was missing and no information about her was provided under RTI. No sanitary napkins were given to the inmates in previous years and they were forced to use dirty cloths during periods resulting in serious gynecological problems. But the poor inmates have no access to any gynecologist. And the Director of Women and Child Development never visited the destitute home in the last one year.

Nari Sew Sadan

Disclosed information was gathered under RTI, in a press conference here today. It said that out of total 30 inmates, about 26 are suffering from severe mental illness and many are physically disabled. They are unable to manage themselves during menstrual cycles and to meet natural calls. There is no sweeper for their care during night.

Umang Foundation RTI

Information further said one unwed woman who was brought to the destitute home from Una some month ago, delivered a female baby in the last week of January. When the government was busy in celebrating Beti Bachao campaign on International Womens’ Day on 8th March, the new born girl child was separated from her mother violating the guidelines of government of India which says that mother’s milk is mandatory for child’s health. Now baby girl is staying more than 10 kilometers away from her mother. It’s a heinous crime against humanity. The department has thrown the child to die of malnutrition in the Kids Home.

Inhuman treatment at Mashobra Nari Sewa Sadan

The sanitary napkins were never provided to the inmates that resulted in serious gynecological problems. Information gathered under RTI shows that the inmates were never checked up by any endocrinologist. The inmates are suffering from different psychological problems but have no access to any psychological counseling. The department that did not supply sanitary napkins to the inmate also did not provide Kafan (white cloth) to the dead inmates.
Ajai Shrivastava, Umang Foundation

One inmate Kiran died on 15th November, 2013 was not cremated as per her religious faith (Hindu). The department spent Rs. 2470 on firewood only and no other material was purchased for cremation and no Pandit was engaged.

All the inmates shiver in winters as there is no arrangement for them to keep them warm. The inmateds have not been provided any heater. The destitute home has three heaters only that are in the possession of staff.

The information collected by Ajai Srivastava, chairman of Umang Foundation, a public welfare trust.

Ajai Srivastava demanded immediate removal of Ms. Madhubala, Director, Women and Child Development, from the pos, who never visited the destitute home for more than a year, and a high level inquiry so that responsibility could be fixed for the violation of human rights.

Under present HP Govt. and it’s CM Virbhadra Singh, who is now too old to serve the state, and his useless ministry is not good except trashing student protestors, torture them or either throwing out over 700 laborers out of their shelter in Kinnaur at night to leave them to die in freezing cold. These laborers are protesting against JP Hydropower Project for their wages, their rights. We need better Govt. Himachal need better people to take responsibility to serve the State, and not behave like Raja or Nawab of the state.

Photo Credit: Tarun Sharma (HW Community Member)

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