Humble request to citizens of Shimla!

NOTE: HW itself visited the victim after we received a distressed call for help from one of our readers. At IGMC, we found a literally grieving mother while she breast fed her youngest kid – a heart breaking sight!

At IGMC Shimla, an eight year old girl, Muskan, is crying for help. And she needs you!Helping a needy is every human’s first self-understood right and duty.

She has sustained 40-45 percent burns, result of domestic violence. Her father tumbled a kerosene stove and oil spilled on the little baby, burning her face and limbs. The father ran away from the scene and the mother is alone attending the girl in the hospital.

This is a labourer family, hailing from Bihar and currently working in Solan district of Shimla. The girl was brought to IGMC Shimla last evening and is currently admitted on bed number 16 of the Female Surgical Unit IV.

The mother, with her 11 year old child and a breastfeeding baby in her lap, attending the little girl, is with no money to fend. Due to their underprivileged condition, the medical staff at the IGMC are treating the child free of cost. The family is in tatters, they have been provided with some clothes and bedding by Himachal Watcher and some other volunteers, however their monetary condition is a sorry state.

Himachal Watcher would request citizens of Shimla to extend a hand of help for this little girl and her grief stricken mother and kids. If possible, please visit IGMC Surgical Unit IV, Bed No.16 yourself and provide whatever little monetary help you can.

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