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This impatient local private bus driver almost killed my friend

SHIMLA- A local private bus driver (HP -63B- 6700) almost killed my friend today. The bus drivers are always racing each other. They are always in hurry. They don’t even let passengers board on properly and would accelerate leaving passenger stumbling. My friend was lucky. He had a narrow escape.

I and my friend were going to Old ISBT from Panthaghati. Near BCS we ran out of fuel. We grabbed a bottle and waited for bus. A local private bus slowed down on seeing us waving it to stop. I hopped into the bus quickly, but my friend was still trying to step on when suddenly the driver accelerated the bus. My friend had to let go his hold on door handle. He stumbled but luckily didn’t fell on the road. The rear tyre would have crushed him otherwise. My friend shouted at conductor. The bus stopped. The conductor and driver behaved like it was very normal routine activity for them. His excuse was:

Driver ko itni bheed main kya pata ke kiske hath main samaan hai ya dhang se bus main chadh gaya

It was an idiotic answer. Driver can’t see, exactly, that is why there is a conductor. Not even a single passenger spoke a word. None of them cared. None of them considered the probability that someday it could happen to them or their dear ones. Think about elders, senior citizens. They stared at my angry friend like half-dead bodies.

This is ridiculous. Many times newspapers have reported injuries and loss of life in similar cases where bus drivers drove impatiently.

I clicked a photo when the bus halted at Vikasnagar petrol pump. I don’t want the driver and conductor to get away with their carelessness without being reported to traffic police. At least, not this time. These drivers can be scene quarreling for time schedule. Their personal grudges driver them insane. Why passengers should pay for their personal issues? But there is no one who could observe it an relevant issue. It’s a fact that most of the private bus drivers and conductors are ill mannered, they never give you ticket and if you ask one then they make faces, they never wear uniform and name plate, drive rash, race with rivals, talk on phone while driving, never maintain buses, some of them play loud music, and highly impatient. This must be brought to the kind attention of HP Transport Minister GS Bali too.

The conductor must ensure that bus leaves only when all doors are properly closed. But in Shimla, drivers make passengers run after buses. A lot of accidents take place in Shimla due to these insane drivers who put the lives of passenger on stake for their profit. Neither Shimla Police nor bus owners are serious about such unsafe practices by bus drivers. I wonder why Shimla police department is silent and ignore these issues including over-loading.

The details of the incident:
Date – ‎June ‎2, ‎2015,
Time – ‏‎8 PM
Place BCS

Disclaimer: Above said complaint is submitted by a reader. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, Himachal Watcher.

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